Repute Logitech: A Name to Reckon within the Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Landscape

Mohan Thirunavukkarasu, MDEstablished in 2010, Repute Logitech offers DOOR to DOOR International logistics solutions with Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Transportation under one Umbrella. Repute Logitech brings into reality the Think Global, Act Local ideology by giving customers a choice of both the trust of traditional companies and the expertise and infrastructure of multinational logistics service providers.

The Indian Government is simplifying all the rules and regulations to promote Ease of Doing Business, also implemented various procedures eliminating the paperwork and making all the documents available in digital for-mat for all the custom clearance activities. Recent initiatives by the Indian government is Faceless Assessment in the Customs which is into a new era of transparent tax procedures, paperless and minimizing human interference.

To match with these digital transformation, Repute Logitech constantly in-vests on upgrading their technological assets. Repute Logitech not only provide logistics solutions but also works with its customers like their partners, offering useful proposals to minimize logistics costs, daily compliance notifications and their effect on the shipments of import and export cargo.

Mohan Thirunavukkarasu, Man-aging Director, Repute Logitech says, "We have a robust customer feedback process that keeps us informed about the changing expectations of clients which we consciously cater to. We evaluate our KPI periodically for slashing costs, improving TAT,
and delivering more value for customers' money. Our state-of-the-art tracking mechanism helps customers remain aware of the shipment's mobility at all stages."

The company always maintain a major factor in all their services that is TAT ­Turnaround Time of 99 percent delivery to their customs cleared shipments and monitor at the same frequency. The flagship offering of Repute Logitech is Customs clearance also known as Custom Broking of imported cargo and export cargo. The founder of the company has got a vast experience in this area for more than 2 decades which helps Repute Logitech to be a professional Customs Broker.

Technological Implementations:
Repute Logitech have their E-track facility for its customers. Through this their customers can track the cargo 24/7 till it reaches the destination, and also through this, the customers can get connected to the employees of Repute Logitech from time to time. All the cargoes are moved in GPS enabled Truck for real time tracking. At Repute Logitech, the prime focus is on continuous improvement without compromising on quality and the company adheres to the international quality norms laid down by ISO: 9001 standards. The team of Repute Logitech continuously scrutinizes service arenas to seek out the scope for improvement, usher in more innovation, remain relevant, con-temporary and deliver best and cost-efficient results.

Ever-changing Statutory Rules and Regulations in the logistics industry is a big challenge. Elucidating about the challenges, Mr Mohan Thirunavuk-karasu adds, "Our strength lies in living up to the expectations of our clients realistically. We adopt long term vision and imbibe futuristic perspectives in our efforts to ensure that we remain adaptive to future changes. Our team consistently aligns the logistics needs of our clients with contemporary changes. This helps us to offer fast-paced services to customers without being hindered by the encumbrances that characterize the market."

Repute Logitech is a member of the Global Logistics Network (GLN). Though it is not an MNC, the company is able to serve their customers world-wide with the help of GLN network having 536 offices across the globe. Also, the company is an associate member of the Federation of Freight Forwarders' Associations in India (FF-FAI) which is a globally recognized for freight operators.

The upcoming innovations being lined up for Repute Logitech, in the Clearing and forwarding services vertical, is in the digitalization where priority is given for modifying the tradition-al manual system into digital. Repute Logitech has the growth rate of 10 percent YOY and they are planning to increase the same by 20 percent YOY.