Watch It Virtually: Guided Virtual Tour Experts

In a pre pandemic world, companies for ex, real estate builders and brokers were able to take their clients physically to the site and show them around the facility and amenities. The Covid-19 outbreak affected the functioning of various businesses. Sensing a gap created by the pandemic, Aparna and Harsh Sharma from Frames By Harsh Photography studios created Watch It Virtually, a guided virtual tour solution. Guided virtual tour provides a virtual stimulation of the entire physical process of showing the property. It work by integrating video/audio conferencing within the Virtual Tour and synchronizing the view of the property between the sales representative and the customer(s), so both see the same parts of the property at the same time - just like in a physical site visit!

Basically, the idea is to bring the site to a potential customer rather than taking them to the site ­ says Harsh, Co-Founder at Watch It Virtually.

This technology is extended to various businesses like pharma and biotech companies, manufacturing units, hospitality sector & education institutes to promote their brand and services. For pharma and biotech companies, guided virtual tour is very useful for trainings, virtual client visits and certification process. The company aims to create virtual tours for various industries, specially bio-tech and pharma companies this year.

Intuitive, lightweight and extremely interactive, are a few words from our clients and participants about wiz365. Wiz365's versatility is its main USP

The Guided Virtual Tour is a highly customizable, multi functional, 360º walk-through created using actual and/or 3D rendered panoramas for understanding the space and its layout. This tour is integrated with videos, soundtracks, voice-over, photo albums, floor plans, master plans embedded on aerial views and much more. It has location pegs, aerial mapping of the property & also supports Google analytics.

It has been extended to create a Virtual Expo as well. Harsh and Aparna come from a tech background having 21 years of experience in software engineering. Wanting a change in careers, they ventured into photography. After working with various clients in the real estate space, they realized the need for VR in the industry. The company was founded with the vision to give users an immersive experience of the property from the comfort of their own home. The company specializes in advanced and highly customized virtual tours which are very appealing.

Business owners have started to realize the importance of having a guided virtual tour as part of their marketing strategy. Not only virtual tours visually engage the potential clients or customers, but it also give them the ability to get a much better understanding of the entire project/property, and what you can offer to them as a business owner.

iBrochures is another very unique marketing tool, which is a highly customizable digital form of the brochure. iBrochure is easy to upgrade and can be used on all digital marketing platforms.

"This time a prestigious property development company in South India conducted their housing event called 'Prestige Keys' completely virtually with the virtual tours we created for their properties. The virtual tour is a very effective marketing tool with some elements of sales” signifies Harsh.

The company is focusing on creating a 3D world where the user can find his property in a fully virtual environment.