TheSmartWare: Clever Digital Approach for Effective Brand Results

Bhavesh Kumar, Founder & CEOThe Story of TheSmartWare proves the statement `small steps leads to great things'. It all began with the little efforts of the school going kid Bhavesh Kumar. He was a technology & gadget enthusiast and was curious to learn new things on anything digital. While most of us waste time on the internet, Bhavesh indulged himself in exploring new Google Tools like Adsense & others. This made him gain interest in monetization & how the online business on the internet ecosystem works.

Moreover, all these experiments prompted him to start a tech blog on Android Apps called AndroidAppania. Surprisingly, the young blogger began to earn because of his highly ranked articles that had good traffic from Google. That's where the game began, his articleswere copied and obviously the visibility & traffic drained. He neither knew to handle this nor had an idea on SEO. How-ever, he learnt several techniques to retain online presence, making his entry into the ocean called digitization & marketing.

He stepped into entrepreneurship and launched the first website CPIDroid after his graduation. He left back several plans of life, followed his passion and established TheSmartWare - A digital marketing agency operating through connected automated self-serve SaaS-based plat-forms for ASO, SEO, SMM, and others. Conceptualized in 2016, the
company is dealing with different verticals likes ASO (App Store Optimisation), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMM (Social Media Marketing) services, and more. It is also specialized in App Marketing and Promotion that is performed using "CPI Droid"-self-serve automated platform.

Apart from this, it has developed websites such ASOeShop- App Store Optimization Services Platform, SEOeShop- Search Engine Optimization Service Platform, SMMeShop- Social Media Marketing Services Platform, ElanceMarket- Cu-rated Marketplace for Digital Marketing Services, among others. All of them are in a network outlining interesting features like common user credentials for all the websites, creating one account to access all, an account balance system, availing all kinds of digital marketing services under one roof.

Standing ahead of other competitive brands, TheSmartWare has 90 per cent customers overseas and hence generating huge foreign remittance in the country. "Other digital marketing agencies engage with clients manually and hence can't handle large no. of clients efficiently but we can handle many of clients simultaneously with the help of our automated self-serve platform," says Bhavesh Kumar, Founder & CEO.

Thesmartware was featured and ranked #2 by appsflyer in their performance index under the growth index for the middle east region

As a company that helps brands to achieve online success, it has encountered over INR 4 Cr turnover in the short span. With no set limits for operation, it is serving brands across the globe like TikTok, FanDual, GMGDigital, 13Cabs, AdKnown, VPNable, Digital Elastic, and others.

"Scaling new heights, we are focusing on improving the website to make it look premium, and boost visibility. We were featured and ranked #2 by Appsflyer in their Performance Index under The Growth Index for the Middle East Region. Currently, we are involved in projects like ElanceStudio, AndroidAppania, BootStartUp, TaskPerks (formally BountyWallet). With all this, we aspire to create a complete one-stop ecosystem for digital marketing which is easily accessible only via a self-serve dashboard." he concludes.