Brand Liaison: Helping Manufacturers in Obtaining Necessary Registrations & Certifications as per Indian Laws & Regulations

All businesses are bound by specific laws and regulations and they must follow these rules and regulations that apply to their line of work. However, these rules are always evolving, and businesses may associate with compliance management service providers, such as Brand Liaison, who helps businesses and aid their clientele in obtaining different forms of necessary registrations and certifications for their products as per Indian Laws & Regulations before entering the Indian Market.

Founded by Rajesh Kumar, the Managing Director, Brand Liaison is a company that provides compliance management services. Established in 2014 as a management consultation company, Brand Liaison offers the registrationapproval-certification services required for the Indian market.

Rajesh is also a member of the Central Governing Council (CGC) of the Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC) and heading the consultancy/Business Management Service Sector of India. SEPC is setup by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

Brand Liaison has a team of experts in compliance management with the necessary technical training and owing to their expertise and direction the company has grown as one of India's most reputable compliance management service providers.

Brand Liaison is committed to providing brands with the optimal solution in terms of regulatory & compliance assistance

Product Compliance Management
One of the vital services offered by Brand Liaison is product compliance management. Explaining this in detail, Rajesh Kumar the Managing Director of Brand Liaison says, "If a manufacturing business were to introduce a new product to the Indian market, it would need certain certifications issued by the Indian government. We assist manufacturers/business on document management, information compilation, and the completion of various processes, because there are so many phases and so many different types of information needed. The manufacturer often is not aware of the process to get compliance certification, and here we step in to assist them".

Brand Liaison assists its clients in getting the appropriate approvals, registrations and certifications, such as BIS-CRS Registration, BIS-ISI Certification, BEE Registration, EPR Authorization for (E-waste & P-waste), WPC/ETA Approval, TEC Certification, and many more so that they can sell their products in the Indian Market. Brand Liaison also offers a Brand Representation Service, which again is required by law for any foreign manufacturer seeking certification and registration for the Indian market. The efficient and cost effective processing assistance offered by Brand Liaison is well-known and highly regarded. As a result the company has served more than 150 well-known manufactures and brands across the globe and the number of clients continues to increase.

In order to thrive and earn the trust and confidence of clients, being honest and transparent is important, according to Rajesh. In order to keep the customer fully apprised at all times the company prepare all the documentation and needed material in front of the client and discusses each step of the process with the client. Any client can check the current status of their project by logging into the Project Management Portal offered by Brand Liaison. The fact that no other consultant offers this sort of convenience to their clients, makes this a one-of-a-kind service.

Operated by Industry Leaders
If nurtured correctly, each brand has the potential to set a new standard in its field. In light of this mission, Brand Liaison is committed to providing brands with the optimal solution in terms of regulatory and compliance assistance with the end aim of the brand accomplishing its business objectives.

The Brand Liaison management team is formed of industry leaders and consultants with extensive compliance experience and related technical backgrounds who are committed to provide the highest quality services. "Our team of experienced and devoted experts works closely together in order to shoulder responsibility for the timely and cost-efficient completion of projects for our clients", adds Rajesh.

Some of the major clients/brands to whom the company offers its services are ABB, Petronas, Desko, QNAP, HITACHI, MIVI, Philips, Samsung STS, TCL, Feller and many more.