Briota Technologies democratizing Spirometry Across Pan-India

Aditi Samudra Pais,CEOAsthma - A condition in which one's airways narrows and swells, producing extra mucus. For some people, asthma might be a minor nuisance, but for some people, it can be a major problem which can interfere in daily activities and might lead to a life-threatening asthma attack. Moreover, asthma symptoms vary from person to person; some have infrequent attacks while others have symptoms all the time where severe asthma attacks can be life-threatening.

Hence, coming to the fore is a Pune based healthcare startup called Briota Technologies. The company from the get-go has been on a mission to build high-tech and cost-effective solutions for improving quality of life of asthma, COPD, and other Comorbid condition patients. They are India's one and only Spirometry at Home Service (SahS) for Asthma, COPD, lung health management. Moreover, to cope up with these difficult times of Covid-19, the company is also launching India's first Covid19 safe Spirometry Service which will allow patients to do Spirometry from the comfort of their homes on a personal spirometer device.

"We are a pioneer company in Digital Spirometry services. Our unique health check-up service offering is Spirometry At Home Service for Asthma, COPD, and other Comorbid condition patients," highlights Ms. Aditi Samudra Pais CEO of Briota Technologies. "In these difficult times of Covid-19, we are launching India's first Covid19 safe Spirometry Service - which allows patients to do spirometry from the comfort of their homes on a personal spirometer device," she added.

Briota was established in Feb 2018 by Dr.Gajanan Sakhare and he has very personal emotions attached to the delivery of healthcare services for asthma patients as his own mother is an asthma patient.

A Holistic Solution for Asthma
Briota is building a holistic solution for Asthma patients especially concerning elderly with multimorbidity and also kids recently diagnosed with asthma. Moreover, they are also significantly aiding working professionals to take care of their parents and also the concerned parents who have been taking care of their asthmatic children. If we talk about their SAHS, patients can perform Spirometry maneuvers at home and provide physicians significant input for therapy.

"As we are providing kit on a test basis, patients will be able to return the kit after a significant amount of tests has been conducted which is more economical as compared to buying the device," Explained Shardul Joshi CTO of Briota Technologies. He also added that Spirometry helps the patient to develop a habit of understanding the importance of respiratory health monitoring.

Guaranteed Quality Assurance
Research proves that when an asthmatic or COPD patient is taken care of with different modalities it helps to have better control over their respiratory conditions. Hence, sticking to this theory, Briota has been creating a digital ecosystem for patients with respiratory diseases, especially asthma & COPD to help them better manage their medical condition and assist them whenever it is required in their journey.
It includes a care team of physicians, pulmonologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, yoga & meditation expert, and mental health experts on a single platform for achieving better asthma and COPD control.

"Our health coaches (System Intervention Assistant- SIA Coaches) will guide the patients at every step through-out their health journey and help them have better control of their respiratory conditions, highlights Ms.Aditi. "This connected healthcare will decrease emergency situations and help patients take control of their life. Caregivers can be in a better position to take care of their loved ones," she added.

AI Powered Personal Assistant
Briota has a robust AI powered personal assistant - NEHA - to record, report, analyse, take actions and seek early medical intervention for chronic health conditions with focus on Asthma and COPD. It is a nurse educator and health assistants for doctors, technicians, and caregivers which enables mass screening and stratification projects with virtual assistance. NEHA connects with AsthmaPRO kit which includes an innovative (patent filed) handheld spirometer (SpiroPRO), digital inhaler counter (InhalerPRO) and a portable temperature, humidity, and PM2.5 reader (Air Sense).

"We will be building a CDSS (Clinical Diagnosis Support System) for medical practitioners treating Asthma and COPD systems. AI and Machine Learning will help to improve diagnosis and predict exacerbations and will also provide prescriptive analytics with personalized action plans," states Ms. Aditi Samudra Pais.

Homestead of Robust Products and Services
Briota success lies in the fact that they have the required products and services so as to tackle Asthma, COPD, and other Comorbid conditions effectively. The systems are well designed to take care of respiratory health in covid era as well. If we talk about the VIEW system, it is an early warning remote monitoring and assistance service for high risk patients; the system auto generates clinical algorithm based coVId-19 Early Warning (VIEW) score. Furthermore, they have SpiroPRO which is a user-friendly handheld point of care tool for Asthma & COPD and also a lung monitoring system This product is based on Indian Demographic Prediction Values for accurate diagnosis.
Briota also offers an IoT device - InhalerPRO - for implementing compliance in asthma patients for prescribed action plan and management. The company also has an environment monitoring device - Air Sense - for external stimuli which possibly contributes to asthma exaggeration.

Briota's contribution to this space has been overwhelming. To name a few, BRIOTA has successfully undergone clinical and user studies for all the Products in AsthmaPRO solution.

The company has been recognized as one of the "key interventional solutions for highly susceptible people" in COVID ­ 19 outbreak by BIRAC, Department Of Biotechnology, India. VIEW system was used by MCGM, which is Mumbai Municipal Corporation for covid screening in a few areas of Mumbai.

They have even signed an MoU with Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune for conducting research & development in engineering of Medical Devices.

Briota have also launched B2C offering to help patients to improve their respiratory condition through mental health, yoga, physiotherapy, nutrition and respiratory health coach.

1.Gajanan Sakhare, Founder, Director, BE, MBA, PhDSerial Entrepreneur, innovator product and digital enabler, worked very closely Government agencies for developing and implementing innovative technology solution for women safety and public transport.

2. Aditi Samudra - Pais, CEO, IndiaInstrumentation Engineer, MBA, Certified ISO CE /ATEX auditor, Specialised in onsite inspection inspection services for manufacturing and engineering units, Social Activist: - Member of ROBINHOOD ARMY, ROBINHOOD ARMY PATHASHALA, HUMJOLI FOUNDATION for women hygiene and NETRA foundation for Blind, Vasundhara Swacchata Abhiyan

3. Shardul Joshi, Co-Founder, CTO Engineering, HardwareBE, MTech

4. Dr. Viraj Vaidya, MBA, Doctor, technologistMedicine, healthcare management and technology based entrepreneur

5. Irfan Sheikh, BCom, MBAConsultantOperations Expert with global experience in Supply Chain, Finance, Market Research

6. Vikas Savarkar, Consultant Machine learning architect