GM Carriers: Bringing Multiple Decades Of Expertise In The Goods Transportation Industry

Abdul Rehman Patni, PartnerGM Carriers was founded in 1963 formerly under the name of Bombay Aurangabad Jalna Motor Service, which has been a pioneering cargo movement expert and transportation leader in India since its inception. Initially operating from Bombay to Aurangabad, the company gradually expanded its services to Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh in the name of Bombay Andhra Transport Company. Later, in 2007 the company was renamed as GM Carriers. Currently, it is recognized as one of the most reputed cargo movement and transport organizations serving as a vital lifeline in the undulating landscape of Telangana and Maharashtra.

GM Carriers also holds the distinction of being one of the first transport companies in India to introduce computerized GC note logistic facilities. The company is guided by a group of core leaders having over five decades of experience within the Goods Transportation segment, serving a variety of industries in the process. It's Partner, Abdul Rehman Patni has been honoured with many prestigious awards and recognitions over the years, incluing the Vikas Ratna Award in 1995 awarded by The Minister of External Affairs. Operating with the prime motive of customer satisfaction, GM Carriers has over the years been able to build-up long and trusting relations with several reputed clients that include Panasonic, Lewis Berger and Honda Power Products, to name a few. The company's agile delivery services have been well appreciated by many of its long-standing clients over the years.
"GM Carriers has faithfully carried-out business terms to our satisfaction. Our criteria of speedy and correct deliveries have been maintained to all sectors entrusted to them. Their Mantra of fast effective and honest services appeals to us,'' quotes a representative from Mazda Enterprises. "We thank GM Carriers and its team members for giving us excellent services by delivering goods to our valuable customers on time for last many years. This would not have been possible without your dedication sincerity and hardwork," says another from Micropark Distributers.

GM Carriers has a large fleet of attached trucks under its disposal, which are invigilated with their online tracking system that enables them to know about delivery & pick-ups

Operating a Highly Modernized & Flexible Fleet of Trucks
GM Carriers has a large fleet of attached trucks under its disposal, which are invigilated with their online tracking system. The online tracking system enables them to know about delivery and pick-ups, which in turn helps the company to achieve rapid settlement of claims. Majorly operating from Maharashtra with headquarter in Mumbai, GM Carriers has booking stations at strategic locations that are easily accessible for its clients. Apart from catering to the entire Maharashtra, GM Carriers has a delivery station at Hyderabad.

The organization holds core expertise in services pertaining to Part Truck Load, Full Truck Load, and Pick-up and Door Delivery. 24/7 CCTV cameras are installed at their Bhiwandi warehouse, and the loaders & unloaders have full expertise in handling all kinds of goods with proper handling and stacking norms ­ GM Carriers adheres to all safety and precautionary norms. With well-covered booking stations located in different areas, the company has the ability to handle large amounts of orders. GM Carriers is very flexible in its approach and can manage any capacity to fulfill the needs of the clients.

Aspiring for Deeper Penetration into the Supply Chain Industry
With multiple decades of experience in the transportation segment, GM Carriers is looking forward to venturing into the supply chain consulting domain. Apart from transporting goods, the company wishes to add value in the supply chain segment by minimizing costs and increasing the efficiency. In addition to the supply chain aspect, the company also has plans to expand into routes that are more lucrative and higher in demand in the future.