Grand Polycoats: A Pioneer Firm that Strives for Consistent Improvement

Grand Polycoats is among the leading industrial paint manufacturers in the country and the company specializes in high-performance protective paints & coatings, providing customized solutions based on Polyurethane, Epoxy, Zinc Rich, Acid Resistant, Heat Resistant and Special Polymers. These are used with various substrates like ferrous & non-ferrous metals, concrete, glass, plastics, wood and others. Expanding their product base, the company has recently introduced Polyurea, Elastomeric Polyurethane and Coatings for the floors into their portfolio.

Grand Polycoats understands customer needs and provides customized solutions, and to extend that, the company has created an Engineering Management Program (EMP). Under this service, their technical team visits the customer's plant, understands their objectives, and offers them relevant solutions. Grand Polycoats hand-holds their clients through the entire process starting from understanding the requirement, to developing the paint, supervision of application and providing post-sales services, thus, making it a one-stop solution for their clients. After gaining trust from their customers, the company has ventured into the retail product segment and the powder coating industry too in the recent years.

Grand polycoats hand-holds their clients through the entire process starting from understanding the requirement, to developing the paint, supervision of application and providing post-sales services

"We started our operations in 1981 and have been able to grow from our humble beginnings rapidly owing to the quality of our products and services. Our company was one of the first to introduce high performance industrial coatings in India. We started by offering our products to chemical plants, fertilizer plants and refineries, to name a few. Later, we identified that engineering equipment manufacturing industry is also a great market for our product, and we introduced numerous positive changes into this segment through our offerings.

We are an ISO 9000 certified and ISO 14001 compliant company who have the necessary certifications and follow the standard compliances required for our operations. Our entire team is focused on ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, and we always deliver within the stipulated time. The quality of our offerings is further showcased in the fact that we have a 90-95 percent customer retention ratio. Not only do we provide highly customized and crafted solutions to our clients, but we also back it up by extremely strong technical delivery and prompt after sale services. We make sure that we offer robust products that can withstand the harshest of conditions, and we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our offerings," avers, Maulik Mehta, who is the Director of Grand Polycoats, when asked about the evolution of the company.

Adding more about their work culture and future plans, Maulik says, "We have our team spread across India, and we ensure that our employees are happy with us. This has helped us to have a very good employee retention ratio as well. Over the course of our operations, we have been a part of various revolutionary projects, and the quality and enthusiasm of our employees is what has helped us to grow from strength to strength. One of such projects that holds a remarkable place in our books is the special coating we developed for India's space program in a span of six months, making us only the third manufacturer in the world to produce that coating. Going forward, we are aiming to expand our operations in the pipeline coating segment and digitize our operations to streamline our business. Another area that we are prioritizing is green and sustainable line of products. With all this in place, we are aiming to be a change-bringer in the industry.