AmpleLogic: Proffering Ample Benefits & Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

By Susila Govindaraj
AmpleLogic: Proffering Ample Benefits & Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

As digitalization has become inevitable, to fulfil their unique automaton requirements, businesses are either developing their softwares the traditional way or opt for ready-to-use softwares, which are touted to be cheap, but succumbs hefty monies for modification. On the other hand, besides consuming a dismal amount of money, the trample of traditional software development method treads down numerous potentially genius ideas, due to the long chain of command (that involves multiple stakeholders akin to project manager and architect) between the business analyst and developers during the 2-6 months deployment time.Considering the amount of time and cost it would require to change a single idea, it is safe to say that the codes are set in stone once it leaves the hand of business analyst. AmpleLogic team can deliver custom solutions at 8 times faster than Traditional IT service delivery Companies.

"Easily integrated with biometric devices to address the password sharing problems, Ample Logic allows users to login into multiple application son premises with one set of credentials."

This is where AmpleLogic enters the picture with its No-Code Application Development Platform, which is a powerful responsive application development platform that enables configuration of complex business applications very efficiently with little help from technical teams.Cutting down the deployment time to mere three days, this platform allows business analysts to easily manage the change as the idea evolves at a very less cost, not to mention the luxury of observing how the application looks while analysts are creating it. Moreover, the platform is capable of addressing 80 percent of an organization's needs without writing a single line of code. AmpleLogic has created 25 applications and added 12 components to accommodate the validations and business logic.

Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

"To provide the best IT Solutions to our customers, being a growing company we would like to standardize our delivery automations. Good amount of time and money was invested to build a world class No-Code development platform that helps in delivering the solutions eight times faster than traditional models with high quality," expounds Venkanna Chowdary Manne, Managing Director, AmpleLogic. Noting that it fits perfectly with packaged solutions and runs on existing infrastructure, it doesn't incurany customization cost. Moreover, AmpleLogic has priced its solutions competitively to ensure RoI within six months. With sheer focus on Pharma, IT Infrastructure & Excel Automations, AmpleLogic's team has built multiple applications on the platform.

Excel has become an integral part of professional life, but there are still many unanswered questions when it is shared among big group with multiple owners. Being a Microsoft Partner company, AmpleLogic endows its clients with MS Excel that has an automated tool features such as a centralized database that can be accessed from Excel, Secure Data Access with Active Directory, in-built workflow, role-based access, and automated emails, audit trials - all this without the help of any additional software.

The company's vast experience gained in specialized in MES (Manufacturing execution system) for semiconductor Assembly and Test, made AmpleLogic confident enough to design, develop and integrate ERP Systems to crucial areas of a building component. AmpleLogic has designed its MES system with Resource Planning specifically to integrate crucial areas of a Raw material to Production, to equipment booking management and inventory control. The solution covers software, installation, ongoing training, and professional support, thus helping streamline client's business processes to maximize productivity and profitability by addressing the complex issues. "Our unique excel automations streamlines the multiple Excel movements and versions by keeping User Experience intact," expounds Venkanna.

Demystifying the IT Infrastructure Puzzle

As computer networks are getting more and more complex, the use of native tools or power shell requires dedicated resources with a deeper knowledge in Active Directory (AD) Management and related technologies. Keeping this in mind, AmpleLogic has developed a comprehensive AD suite with twenty features in user management, seven in Group Policy, six in OU, eleven in distribution & security groups and seven features that can make changes to many computer objects simultaneously, thus minimizing the time and complexity in computer management. Easily integrated with biometric devices to address the password sharing problems, AmpleLogic allows users to login into multiple applications on premises with one set of credentials. SSO with biometric integrations enforces password policies.

The company's ready-to-use IT Infrastructure Management solutions simplify IT management, improve productivity and allow administrators to proficiently manage the applications, systems, endpoints and devices. With real-time alerts and notifications, the company with its IT infrastructure audit service helps administrators to crush the challenge of collecting the configuration changes & object level changes in tracking who, what, when & where the changes were made. Furthermore, the self-service option at windows login reduces help-desk workload and ensures password security. This ISO 9001-2000 certified company's IT Infrastructure Solutions deliver value and gets control on the IT Infrastructure. Also, AmpleLogic's Print Tracking software helps the organizations to track the print activity in the entire organization.

Facilitating Good Manufacturing Practices

AmpleLogic's Pharma QMS Software and CGMP Quality Management Solution brings forth an exceptional transparency across Quality Systems and resolve quality issues down their roots. The company provides adaptable graphical interface builders so that their solutions ensure complete competency into the client's SOPs while being cost effective. AmpleLogic enables clients to achieve good manufacturing practices (GMPs) at production facilities with Batch Record Issuance Management System (BIMS), a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant solution with a blend of Document Management and an Issuance Management. Facilitating the FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulated companies to demonstrate the process transparency of every production step, AmpleLogic enables easy integration with quality systems like CAPA, Incident and Deviations to enrich the process performance and traceability across the manufacturing process.

AmpleLogic's Market Complaints Record, Management and Tracking Software automates complaints handling through robust root cause analysis tools, 24x7 global web accessibility that helps intake the complaints & respond immediately, assessments and closure with any associated CAPA. This enables organizations to acquire and retain customers through positive customer experience. "Our client-focused IT solutions mark the right balance of Quality, Reliability, Delivery and Pricing," remarks Venkanna.

Customer is King

AmpleLogic's solutions backed with deep domain understandings are aimed towards realizing a high business value to customers and associate with measurable and sustainable benefits. The company continuously learns and excels to better its relationships with customers, by accomplishing milestones at given timelines without compromising on Quality and Efficiency, all the while being affordable and customer friendly. Believing in innovation rather than chasing number oriented growth has facilitated this 2010-established company to successfully engage strong business relationship with leading Pharma companies like Sun Pharma, Dr. Reddy's, ACG, Hetero, Natco, Granules, Akums, Bharat Biotech, Medopharmand in a miniscule period of six years. AmpleLogic's Infrastructure software is also being extensively used at Serco, Hinduja Global, ESSAR, Shopperstop, Eureka Forbes, Bank of Maharashtra and IT Companies like Virtusa-Polaris, Birla soft, CSS Corp. and Fiserv among others.

Young & Dynamic Team Striving for Excellence

AmpleLogic's culture is driven by the consuming passion in creation of industry standard solutions that are effective, efficient and lead the market competition. The strength and confidence to bring pure passion and practical solutions is a core quality of its team that drives AmpleLogic in a direction to lead the competition. The pool of experts at AmpleLogic is drawn from diverse backgrounds with core understandings and unmatched skills; who in turn add value to products/solutions in addressing challenges. The company's operating philosophy - quality services, reliable solutions, long-term partnerships and affordable price/value structure - serves as the foundation of the growth of AmpleLogic as well as its clients.The young and dynamic team of AmpleLogic strive for being reliable and customer centric organization, continuously exploring opportunities for the growth of its customers and its organization.

Key Management:

Venkanna Chowdary Manne, Managing Director

Venkanna is responsible for managing and driving AmpleLogic's performance, formulating and executing long-term strategies to continue the focus in building Innovative Products, and leading the company's business operations. He is committed to developing strong customer relationships, with a passion for building AmpleLogic's delivery capabilities, and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

Prior to establishing AmpleLogic, Venkanna worked with Nucleus software and Polaris. He worked in key consulting engagements in India, US, UK, South Korea and Japan.

Janardhan Kumar Manne, Managing Director

Having over 20 years of experience in IT, Janardhan heads the Architectural division at AmpleLogic. He drives the company to adopt the latest technologies and address the IT development inefficiencies with internal automations.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarter), Chicago & Singapore

- Pharma Automations: QMS Automation, Batch Record Issuance Management, QC Automations, Artwork Management, Calibration Schedules Tracking Software, Training Management and Electronic Batch Recording
- IT Infrastructure Automations:
- Infrastructure Management - Active Directory Management, Exchange Server Management, Single Sign On, Group Policy Management, Employee Profile Management, Help Desk, AD Self Service, Remote Desktop Monitoring, Print Tracking and Asset Management & Reconciliation
- Infrastructure Audit - Office 365 Audit, AD Audit, Printer Audit, Exchange Server Audit and SQL Server Audit
Custom Services:MES&Excel Automations


2010 - Started operations in Hyderabad with first service engagement in Semiconductor MES system
2012 - Got certified as an ISO 9001-2000 organization, laid foundation to build No-Code Application Development Platform
2014 - Installed its first IT infrastructure automation solution
Successfully automated several FDA, MHRA and WHO approved plants
2016 - Built over 16 modules in Pharma domain & 24 unique Net components, AmpleLogic has won the hearts of over 35 marquee customers and 0.25 million users.