Cold Care Services: An Industry Giant Striving To Meet The Demands Of High-Grade Cold Storage Services

The magnitude of the world's cold storage segment is anticipated to increase from $123.43 billion in 2021 to $141.39 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6 percent. A CAGR of 16.5 percent. is predicted to bring the size of the global cold storage market to $260.01 billion by the year 2026. Within India, perishable goods are produced in excess of 400 million MT annually. To stop the substantial losses in the perishable items supply chain, sufficient and effective cold chain facilities must be in place from the local farms to the customer. 75 percent of the total cold storage space is generally being used, demonstrating the viability of the cold chain industry in India.

Around the turn of the century, Dr. P. Upender Rao, Founder of Cold Care Services, discovered that there had been a massive disparity between the supply and demand for varied food products and also that the large percentage of people of that time still hadn't placed a high priority on food standards. This realization inspired him to establish a business that was entirely focused on EPC in the year 2000. The two-decade adventure has entirely produced a number of ground-breaking breakthroughs in the design of cold storage facilities and it has altered the blueprints of the whole cold chain sector in India.

Promising a Gamut of Services
Since the last ten years, the cold chain business has grown significantly. There are a number of factors contributing to the industry's overall growth, including the increased demand for organized cold chains in the retail sector, explosive growth in the pharmaceuticals and processed food industries, a shift in the industry's growth toward higher-yielding horticulture, and many others. I firmly believe that there will be much more room for expansion in the cold chain industry over the next 15-20 years. We all seen firsthand the importance of the cold chain logistics to the ecosystem during the pandemic.

The industry relies on a close-knit supply chain model, which helps to increase the product's shelf life. Products that are temperature sensitive, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, cold cuts, frozen food, and pharmaceuticals, such as medicines, vaccines, injectables, and more, require a well-defined storage and distribution method that shortens lead times and extends product shelf lives. The current government programmes like NLIP and Gati Shakti will enable the firm to operate the enterprises on a much larger scale, but there are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled in order to establish the infrastructure necessary for a hassle-free logistics system.

“There is always a vision that enlightens us to take actions, as the same way, I conceptualized Cold Care Services in the year 2000 to provide the best possible solutions to the cold chain Industry in India. Cold Care Services has started as a turnkey based EPC construction of Cold storages and we have constructed more than 100 projects in South India. We have positioned ourselves as High-quality, medium price range”, shares Dr. P. Upender Rao, Founder. With its market positioning very clear, the team at Cold Care Services focuses on expanding and improving its range of services. The firm offers a one-stop solution to the clients for their cold storage needs, through thorough inspection of the requirements of every client in addition to assessing numerous parameters and geographical possibilities.

From design to construction, Cold Care Services take care of the complete services. But that is not where this ends. Cold Care Services even offers maintenance services once the storage is constructed to ensure that the facility functions smoothly throughout without any hindrances or complications.

“The main USP of Cold Care Services is that we approach the project right from the ‘concept-till-keys’ method. Wherein, we take up the project on a turnkey basis and with our vast experience in the cold chain industry and supply chain methods, we are involved with our client right from the concept stage till commissioning of the project and handing over the keys to client. Our design team works in-hand with our client as part of our preliminary process, understands the requirements of the client and delivers the best solution required”, further adds Dr. Rao.

When a client contacts the team with their needs, Cold Care Services design team meets with them, gathers their input, and looks at more than 30 parameters (such as the type of product stored, the quantity of bags/boxes, the type of commodity used, whether it is chilled or frozen, whether the project requires racking system or steel mezzanine flooring, and more), prior to deciding upon the project design and providing the client with precisely whatever they need at a lower cost. The construction team takes charge of the project once the design team has completed the design. The firm also handles the task of commissioning the project in accordance with governmental regulations before giving the client the keys.

Milestones Achieved
With more than 20 years of experience, and more than 100 projects constructed, there are numerous massive undertakings that Cold Care Storage has accomplished. However, there are a few projects that give them the leverage and put the firm in a different spectrum among other competitors. For instance, In 2000, CCold Care Services was one of the first businesses in India to build a steel-supporting racking cold storage using EPS panels. Prior to that, the majority of cold storage facilities in India were created using conventional civil-based building methods. Additionally, building any cold storage would require at least 9 to 12 months if a standard civil basis were used. Instead, the company created a steelsupported EPS panel, and the cold storage was built in just 89 days.

The first multi-commodity adjustable racking cold storage facility of its kind was built by Cold Care Services in 2006. This ground-breaking infrastructure allows for the storage of different commodities at the appropriate temperature. For a client in 2015, they even built a 10,000 MT dehumidifier racking cold storage facility. It is one of a kind and India's biggest cold storage facility for dehumidifiers. Each Jumbo bag weights more than two tonnes in this scenario.

Upcoming Solutions and Path Ahead
As part of their current portfolio, Cold Care Services is into EPC division, Logistics vertical, Warehousing vertical, and Manufacturing of reefer containers. “We as a company have the vision to change the cold chain ecosystem of India, so our company’s R&D team is working on further tech-based optimizations in the cold chain logistics segment and working on the Opticoolers for which we will inform the details in the coming months. Our team is constantly working on addressing the bottlenecks of this industry. I believe that the next 15- 20 years would be very crucial and growth-oriented for the Cold chain Industry in India and in the Asia-pacific region”, shares Dr. Rao.

The covid pandemic opened everybody’s eyes to the importance of perishable foods and pharmaceuticals. Cold Care Services has its subsidiaries that handle different verticals of the business like warehousing, logistics, e-commerce. During the pandemic, Cold Care Services has handled the logistics for Hetero Drugs for the transportation of Remedsivir, and Cold Care is also 3PL partners for many MNC's like Subway International, Mother Dairy, Swiggy by adapting a lot of technology like RFID, IoT, and more.

Covid-19 and the current world scenario has shown the importance of efficient inventory management, order fulfillment, reduced lead time, and seamless delivery to the end point. By keeping all this in view, Cold Care services is investing in R&D of 5PL to its clients. With the new NLPI, the firm aspires to grow and flourish manifold in the cold storage industry in the years to come.