Davidson PR & Communications: Enhancing Business Outcomes With Targeted Public Relations

Richy D Alexander,  Founder & CEO A Public Relations firm offers a myriad of services and how those services can assist a business varies from organization to organization. While choosing a PR firm to enhance brand awareness businesses must look at experts who are not only experts in their offerings but can also reciprocate the corporate culture, listen to your requirements, understand the immediate needs and then offer their skill sets accordingly. This is what Kerala-based PR firm Davidson PR & Communications brings to the table. Davidson PR & Communications provides 360-degree PR Communication services that include Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Political PR, Election Campaigns, Corporate Reputation Management, Image Building, Public Affairs and Advocacy, Content Creation, and Due Diligence.

In spite of being just a 9-year old company, Davidson PR & Communications has served more than 400 clients ranging from startups to million-dollar companies. This agency's clientele includes some renowned names.

Davidson PR & Communications has also rendered its services to some popular politicians. A big reason behind Davidson's soaring success is its unique approach of offering its services. `We speak stories from heart, we understand the brand, we study the brand and then we come with appropriate solutions catering to our client's requirements' - Richy D Alexander, Founder & CEO of Davidson PR & Communications.
Emotions and analysis are two of the most important parameters of the PR services provided by this agency.

Unlike most of the agencies selling the same ideas to all the clients, this agency takes pride in conducting in-depth research and market trend analysis to provide relevant and customized content for all the clients. The main trait of a successful PR campaign is the story that it conveys. This is why the major task is to identify the story. `PR is an art of storytelling that conveys the right emotions to the right audience', says Richy D Alexander, Founder & CEO of Davidson PR & Communications.

Identifying the right story is only a job half done. Marketing the story across the right channels is equally important. Davidson PR & Communications leverage multiple channels to give the maximum spotlight to its clients. They promote 50 percent of the client stories through print media including magazine and daily, whereas, 50 percent of their client stories are promoted across different online platforms consisting of social media and posters. The company with its experience in the field understands the importance of the distribution of content in regional markets to increase brand awareness. The emergence of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities provide a fresh angle in terms of penetration into the untapped market filled with limitless potential. This is where customized and region-specific content provided by this agency plays a big part.

Identifying the right story is only a job half done. Marketing the story across the right channels is equally important

The landscape of media has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an acute shortage of space. Media houses are giving maximum importance to relevant and engaging content. Davidson PR & Communications has been providing positive news for its clients during the COVID times to grab maximum eyeballs. The story-driven approach backed by an in-depth understanding of the client's requirements helps it to them to stand apart from the rest.

A big reason for this agency's success is the prowess of its team. The team comprises specialists who have years of expertise in the media background. The favourable work culture comprising brainstorming sessions and flexible environment contributes to maintaining top-notch productivity on a consistent basis.