Rapid Care: Pioneering Accuracy & Analytics

Transforming dictated voice files into complete healthcare documentation is an amazing skill that involves a range of competencies. After all, doctors do not generate revenue documents generate revenue. When reimbursement occurs, it is based on the documents. When audits occur, they are based on the documents. Coding is done on the documents. Without quality documents, this process can break down

Medical transcription services have made a long journey since their inception. The earliest records were surgery notes on papyrus in 1600 BC, according to Mobius MD. Prior to the 1960s, physicians made their own notes on patient encounters, tests and operations. With the establishment of hospitals and other medical facilities in the early 20 century, a more formal method of creating patient records became necessary. The first medical notetakers were stenographers or medical secretaries who took physician dictation in shorthand and type out the notes on typewriters. The paper documents, which included handwritten notes and typed reports, were stored in individualized folders in filing cabinets. When a particular patient's record was required, it would have to be located and delivered to the requesting physician.

Now, the 21 century sees medical transcriptionists playing a key role in the healthcare system by supporting physicians in the creation of electronic health records(EHRs).

With a humble beginning as medical dictation & transcription service providers, Rapid care has now evolved and ventured into a plethora of other healthcare services including Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Record Review Solutions, and Health Information Management Systems(HIMS)and more. Established in 1999,RapidCare is now pioneering enterprise in Healthcare Information Management, Legal support services, Data Analytics and Highend KPO Services across the globe.

"Rapid Care Is Pivoting Into Building Intelligent Analytics Platform That Will Address Large Healthcare Database"

Comprehensive in Healthcare
The firm's portfolio is rather comprehensive with reliable and cost effective solutions for data transcription(Medical, legal, general, business & video) , Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Document Review, IT Services, Legal Process Outsourcing, highend data management, Teleradiology, and Remote Video surveillance & analysis and more.

Rapid Care helms its operations mostly in the USA and Canada, wherein the patient engagement is moving from pay-per-service to performance based service. Rapid care empowers healthcare providers with its predictive analytics, feedbacks and insights to help them enhance their quality of care to the patients. This in turn can help providers to do better and ultimately result in better healthcare for the patient and better revenue for providers.

Expediting on Data
Rapid Care is pivoting into building intelligent analytics platform that will address large healthcare database and offer users predictive analysis to help them improve their productivity, efficiency, improve delivery, and for patients to help improve their lifestyle and maintain a healthy stressfree life. While becoming a platform based organization, Rapid Care will leverage its decades of data in order to better cater to the healthcare sector, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Rapid Care is equipped with 22 years of experience in Medical Transcription and Billing/Coding, serving 600+ physicians across USA and Canada

What draws the Customers Closer to Rapid care?
Rapid Care's experience and bandwidth in the industry has been a key success factor for the firm. Besides the data collected over the years has enabled Rapid Care to develop a platform for the predictive analysis of healthcare quotient for all the stakeholders in the value chain. Rapid care offers its dictation services to accurately manage silos of audio or voice data, RCM solutions to manage hospital and individual providers' account receivables, and now the platform will help a plethora of users to make sense of the data. This will also include the medical legal attorneys, Independent Medical Examiners (IME) and the Qualified Medical Examiners (QME) providers to get a summarized and chronologically arranged data to conduct their study and reporting.

Rapid Care's medical billing service is a full cycle billing company with 360o solutions starting from Practice Analysis, Credentialing & Enrolment, Eligibility Verification, Pre-authorization, Referral Management and Denial Management to Patient Receivables Follow-up, Patient Statement & Claims Dispatch, and Federal & State Incentive programs assistance along with OnDemand Customized Revenue Reports. For every physician, the company renders highly skilled billing personnel, who exhibit price defying highend performance reflecting Rapid Care's vast knowledge, to ensure that insurance companies & patients are called up and aggressively followed up with on every claim. Furthermore, most of them adeptly manage claim invoice for an entire lifecycle from the generation of encounter till the client gets paid by the insurance company/patients.

Rapid Care is equipped with 22 years of experience in Medical Transcription and Billing/Coding, serving 600+ physicians across USA and Canada. Rapid Care is a hot-shot one stop vendor that is competent of meeting all needs of a medical practice and Hospital, backed up by strong finance, trained specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities. As an end-to-end service provider, the company manages all aspects of clinic including SEO, SEM, Digital marketing and regular patient engagements.

The quality, turnaround time of the products, and the security of the data are key elements that have received significant appreciation in the market. More so, Rapid Care has HIPA complaint security framework and an ISO certification. The firm also follows a three tier quality control process. Though Rapid Care has a strong marketing strategy in place, most of Rapid Care's popularity can be attributed to word of mouth.

Expansive Roadmap for the Future
While Rapid Care's future roadmap includes introducing further augmentations to the data management services, the firm has already put forth an exceptional SAAS platform called SortVault AI that will encompass the entire ecosystem of mediolegal case review that includes the injured worker, employer, insurer, Independent Medical Examiner, defense and employee's attorneys. The platform has received a overwhelming response and Rapid Care intends to further spread its reach.

Rapid Care intends to become a premiere name in the healthcare data management domain globally. While the firm is currently operating in the North America and Canada, it looks towards extending its reach to the Europe and Australian markets too. More so, Rapid Care also intends to introduce their products and services to the Indian market.

The President of the company V.L. Venkata subramaniam is on track to make Rapid Care a global force to reckon with.