Agility, Resilience & The Future

The entire business world has experienced a downfall in their revenue due to COVID-19. Everything went off the road apart from healthcare segment. However, what kept the essential items on the stores were the smooth and efficient supply chain management. While it was not just the responsibility to put stuffs on the shelves, but it was important that they were made available on time and without any disruption. Freight management surely played an important role in making this happen.

Though tech-integration in the freight management industry has been in process for years, the real value-add it provided was during these hard times. And it is just the beginning. Once the market opens up and is back to normal, the industry will need most advanced fleet management solutions more than ever to seamlessly serve customers in India and abroad. Moreover as the manufacturing opens up, the demand for raw materials will spike, to fill in the current gap, transport companies need to find agility and resilience to serve their customers on time.

Not just this, the industry also needs to deal with the shortage of manpower as most of the employees have returned to their home amidst coronavirus. So at large, the industry has challenges coming in from many fronts. However, it will take time for things to fall in place. But for those who are looking for the most apt freight management solutions for now and even after, our current edition of siliconindia Magazine's `10 Most Promising Freight Management Services Providers ­ 2020' will help find that perfect partner. Read to know more about the companies featured in the issue.

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