All that, and a Bag of Chips

Historically, Moore's law explained that computing power would continue to double every two years. As you can very well see, the rate of innovation we are witnessing has sustained the prediction. Some attribute the technology advancements to the cooperative nature of the semiconductor community between industry, academia, research consortia, regulators and government laboratories.

Semiconductor innovation is an important precursor to broader technological innovation, which tends to occur in waves. Global tech companies or emerging new innovative firms, each one of them continue to look up to chipmakers to provide more comprehensive, integrated offerings, the industry’s biggest players will continue to complement existing capabilities.

Recently, Foxconn chairman Young Liu met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, minister of communications, electronics and information technology Ashwini Vaishnaw and minister of state for electronics and information technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar on a visit to India, as its India arm Bharat FIH proceeded with plans to go public this year. Foxconn is the world’s largest contract manufacturer, which makes smartphones for Apple, Xiaomi and HMD, EV components for Aether Energy and Ola Electric, televisions for Vu, hearables for Boat and telecom and networking products for ZTE in India through its three manufacturing units. The recently concluded SEMICON made it clear that India is eyeing a semiconductor market size of $64 billion by 2026 and is also gearing up well for the big dartboard of the global $600 billion pie by 2030. What will help us, and what can stop us, from being All that, and a bag of chips?

We bring you yet another 2022 edition featuring the dedicated chipmakers and design service providers that have helped the tech giants remain a giant and at the same time, listed the rising firms to fame. Do let us know what you think.