Blurring the Lines between Workplace & Home

India's furniture market is expanding as a result of rising consumer spending on home decor and disposable income, booming travel, and rising investments in the hospitality industry, including the construction of airports, hotels, and restaurants, among other factors.

During the forecast period, India's market for office furniture is anticipated to expand rapidly. The market is expanding significantly as a result of factors like the expanding Indian economy and the resulting rise in demand for office space.

The emphasis on building homes and offices is anticipated to continue in the near future, pointing to continued expansion for the office furniture sector. In addition, the government's reforms to make doing business easier are helping the corporate sector in India grow. In addition to the demand for additional office space, the remodelling of existing workplaces also drives the demand for office furniture.

Nearly one-fifth of all office furniture imported worldwide comes from India, making it one of the largest importers of this type of item. The country's growing number of local clerical organisations, businesses with foreign investments, and technology parks are driving the expansion of the industry, which contributes for around to 20 percent of all furniture sales. The surge in import levels in this industry is also partly due to the growing use of B2B e-commerce platforms. The market is also witnessing a new surge in ergonomic designs as ergonomic furniture for instance office chair helps in maintain correct back postures and is comfortable for long sitting hours.