Changing Paradigms of Gaming

In this growing mobile gaming industry trend, many of our massive population flocked toward fantasy games. The last two years have noticed a substantial wave in the gaming industry in India. According to Statistics, India had a whopping 365 million gaming population in 2020, which is expected to reach 510 million by 2022. With these sources, one can easily comprehend how good these two years have been for the gaming industry in India.

As soon as the IPL or ISL starts, we can see several companies promoting Fantasy cricket and football ads on TV screens. Apart from entertainment, companies permit their players to make real money through gaming which is a highly welcome opportunity in these uncertain times. Gamers can also make a full time profession because gaming careers are becoming increasingly main stream worldwide.

Additionally, fantasy gaming often permits multiplayer options that facilitate social relations, engagements and enable people to grow their networks. Social interaction is also strengthened through YouTube and friction channels that gamers often use to communicate with their fellow players and form more deep connections. Due to the pandemic, various factors from unhindered technological advancements and increased internet penetration have come into play to spell this drastic growth. In the lack of mainstream entertainment sources and free movement due to COVID and its consequent restrictions, most people switched to online gaming to deal with their boredom.

Increasing interest in virtual entertainment among friends, family, and peer groups and the growth of influencers is encouraging Indians to play more games. Nowadays, well aware investors are also looking for niche investment opportunities in the markets.