EMS To Contribute Significantly To The Electronic Manufacturing Space

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorThe electronics manufacturing industry has been changing rapidly over the past few years. This has meant that many companies have had difficulty keeping up. Because of the large impact that these may have, every company in the sector should be aware of how they may be affected. Technological innovation is advancing at a staggering rate, and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) businesses are working hard to keep up with the prevailing trends, integrate new technologies themselves, meet the ever-increasing customer demands, all the while tending to meticulous cost control across the board for a more financially stable future.

The challenge of meeting environmental standards and lowering the impact of device
manufacturing, assembly, transportation, as well as the impact that the devices itself have on the environment is paramount. As countries around the globe are enforcing strict preservation and conservation legislation in hopes of decreasing green gas emissions and hindering the progress of global warming and climate change, EMS businesses are finding new ways to cut energy consumption across the board. From smart electronics in smartphones, personal computers, vehicles, and homes, the world stands on the verge of unprecedented levels of global connectivity. This means that manufacturers are starting to partner up with tech innovators who can aid the production of smart devices that boast seamless connectivity between each other. For instance, by focusing on consumer demands, manufacturers can sense the urgency for innovation and seamless integration of smart technology in mature products such as TVs and laptops.

Not only is reducing energy consumption important for the environment, but it benefits the business as well by aiding cost control. Moreover, this leads to a positive trend that emphasizes the need for businesses and consumers to choose energy-efficient devices instead of their obsolete counterparts. The pressure manufacturers are experiencing can lead to positive changes in society, and benefit the industry as well as the consumer market. In this issue of SI, we bring to you the EMS vendors who have withstood the challenges and contributed significantly to the electronic industry in India.

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