Franchising, A Lucrative Option For Entrepreneurs With Global Ambitions

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorWith more and more businesses making their way into the industry per year, establishing a new business in the market, gaining the trust of the customers, and spreading wings across various cities can take an entrepreneur several years before they can finally call themselves successful. Franchising a business makes it easier to run a business that is readymade, and sometimes even the training and planning of finances are provided by the owners to new franchisees. Constantly fed by the growing demand for quality food and food delivery services, the Indian food and beverage industry is expected to be around USD 400 billion. Franchising is easiest way to set your feet within the competitive
Food and Beverage industry which includes Restaurant Franchise, Cafeteria, Pizza Franchise, Ice-Cream Franchise, Fine-Dine Restaurant, Veg-Food Restaurant, Non-Veg Food Restaurant, Quick Food Cafe, Food Outlet, Juice Lounge, Sweets Store, Fast Food Parlour, International Food Chains and much more.

Currently contributing to nearly 1.8 percent of the Indian GDP, the Franchising sector is forecasted to contribute 5 percent to Indian National Income by 2025. Indian economy is very receptive to new business opportunities owing to good disposable incomes, growing urban population, franchising has become the way forward for growth and distribution of products and services across industries. From KFCs to Subway and Pizza Huts, Restaurant Franchises have picked up popularity like never before. Showcasing the immense potential of such brands, in this edition of siliconIndia magazine we have featured a list of `10 Most Promising Restaurant Franchises - 2020'. This carefully crafted list comprises of best-in-class restaurants that are setting a niche in the industry with their unique franchise options. On the cover, we have featured United By Food India (UBF), a firm renowned for its best quick-service chicken concept in India. We hope the list helps you find the right B2B platform and we achieve our mission.

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