Going Forward Digitally!

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorThe `Make in India' initiative of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a major boost to the manufacturing industry of India. The program has not just placed India on the world map as a manufacturing hub but has also given global recognition to the Indian economy. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of 2020. With increasing customer expectation, both individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, more flexible, and ­ in the case of consumers ­ at low or no delivery cost. Today, manufacturing is becoming more and more customized, which is good for customers as well as the operators in the clearing and forwarding industry. Indian logistics sector is presently estimated to be worth around $160 billion and is poised to grow
phenomenally over the next year, reaching the size of $215 billion by 2020.

Fuelled by the strides in manufacturing, retail, fast-moving consumer goods and e-commerce sectors, the developments of logistics-related infrastructure, like dedicated freight corridors, logistics parks, free trade warehousing zones and container freight stations are also contributing towards the improved efficiency in this domain.

With startups and businesses going digital, this Digital Disruption within the Clearing and Forwarding has led to a major shift in the domain. Digitization of processes from booking to documentation handling has brought tangible benefits to customers and logistics service providers alike. Every party that is involved in the clearing and forwarding industry is now moving towards implementing digital technology as it has become really important that all of the industry players keep up with the technological advancements and be a part of today's digital era.

The customer is always the king and it's the same for any business or industry whether it is Manufacturing or Clearing and Forwarding. However, with the marketplace full of options to choose from, in this edition of siliconindia magazine we have featured a list of `10 Most Promising Clearing and Forwarding Companies - 2019'. A carefully curated list of potential Clearing and Forwarding service providers in India reflects the names of the firms offering their top-notch services in this domain. I hope the list helps you find the right partner and we achieve our mission.

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