Heat Exchangers Experiencing Soaring Demands

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorExchangers are easily one of the most important and widely used pieces of process equipment found in industrial sites. Regardless of the particular industry in question, it will likely require some type of temperature regulation, and for that exchangers are likely to come into play. Exchangers may be used for either heating or cooling, however, in the industrial sector, particularly within plants and refineries, they are overwhelmingly used for cooling.

Heat exchangers have a very broad range of industrial applications. They are used as components of air
conditioning and cooling systems orof heating systems. Many industrial processes call for a certain degree of heat to function; however, typically great care must be taken to keep these processes from getting too hot. Within industrial plants and factories heat exchangers are required to keep machinery, chemicals, water, gas, and other substances within a safe operating temperature. Heat exchangers may also be used to capture and transfer steam or heat exhaust that is released as a byproduct of a process or operation so that the steam or heat can be put to better use elsewhere, thereby increasing efficiency and saving the plant money.

China, a major consumer and the fastest growing country in terms of heat exchanger demand, is expected to dominate the heat exchanger market in Asia-Pacific, followed by India and Japan. Owing to the positive CAPEX and OPEX investment climate in the sector, and favorable government policies prioritizing growth in the industrial, manufacturing and process sectors, the heat exchanger market is expected to register healthy growth in developing countries, as ours. Therefore, in this edition of SiliconIndia, we are bringing together the ’10 Most Promising Heat Exchanger Manufacturers of 2019.
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