The Digital Wand for a Successful Story

The new mantra, `Digital' is what makes you smarter business owner. While many entrepreneurs were still skeptical to take their businesses digital, COVID-19 gave the much needed push to just make the shift at jet speed. Indeed it is also driving the `vocal for local' call of our Prime Minister Modi. One best instance is the Delhi wale `Baba ka Dhaba' story where the poor owner of the dhaba is now the owner of a restaurant. A true story of how digital/social can change the life of a common man.

From digital marketing to digital healthcare, the world is now serving and being served the digital way. However, when everyone now has digital presence, winning the race becomes more critical. What you need is an expert who drive your digital strategy from the front. We will help you find that expert in our current edition of siliconindia Magazine's listing of `10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies ­ 2020' and `10 Most Promising Digital Healthcare Providers ­ 2020'. We have brought together the experts from the respective industries to you, especially the digital marketing experts from Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Our team of experts comprising our Editorial Board and panel of industry veterans, CEOs, CXOs, and the gurus of the digital realm together joined hands to shortlist the names and bring to you their story of expertise, uniqueness, features, offerings, and more. Read to know more about them.

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