The Distance between Brands & Consumers is Blurring

Each year, Marketing Tech bears witness to a new form of brand advertising or marketing. With each passing generation, the channels change, as do the expectations of the public. From traditional TV watchers to Millennial to now the GenZ; businesses are on a frenzy keeping up. Nevertheless, what disadvantage has ever come out of growth and development?

Take for example, Brand Activation. Agencies are now focused on creating a genuine relationship between the brand and the consumer instead of just highlighting the product or service. This is usually achieved by using experiential technology to create immersive brand experiences for consumers.

In a nutshell, brand activation is the process of driving consumer actions through interaction and experiences centred around the brand. It is a new approach towards marketing and is achieved by innovative concepts like experiential marketing and other activation solutions. Any campaign, experience, or event that enables a brand to interact directly with the consumer with the intention of building brand loyalty and a community around the brand's product and services is considered as brand activation. BTL marketing activities for brand activations have grown in popularity in response to the changing attitude towards traditional marketing and the rise of experiential technology.

In today's age, it is the most effective way of reaching millennials and Generation Z who have grown distrustful of traditional marketing. Experiences matter a lot to the young portion of the population at large and experiential marketing is one of the best ways to leverage experiences for brands.

While businesses jump on the band wagon for this new found phenomenon, we at SI can't wait to showcase the new breed of martech providers.

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