The Greener Way

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in 2021 reported a massive 34,69,780 TPA of plastic waste generated in India every year. This translates to a per capita generation of plastic that is double the figures in the last 5 years. A large part of this waste can be attributed to single-use or disposable applications in the form of bottles, use & throw plates, bags, wrappers, and sachets - the most fatal of them all being the plastic bottles & cups. On a broader perspective, India is a land of surprising contrasts. It represents just 2.4 percent of the world's land mass, yet supports 16 percent of its population. Its environment is polluted due to the pressures of overpopulation, yet our leaders are deeply committed to combating climate change.

However, that alone does not solve the problems that have encroached in disguise of plastic. Thanks to the widespread encroachment of plastic in our lives, today most of the water bodies are in plastic, as the recent high tide revealed in Mumbai, where the receding water of the ocean left behind a shocking image, which went viral on social. While oceans are one end of the problem, plastic choked rivers are the end of the problem, as highlighted by yet another viral video of a Himalayan River.

The first step is to completely give up single-use plastic such as disposable glasses, plates, cups, bags and straws, and adopt eco-friendly alternatives. The country has collectively risen to the nightmare describes our environmental situation. Around the world, environmental startups are tackling climate change concerns head-on by pioneering products, services, and climate action resources through eco-friendly startups. Let's take a moment to get to know them. This edition throws light on some of those eco-friendly product brands.

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