The Healthy Menus

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWe Indians are crazy about food, and thanks to the sea of culture and traditions the country beholds, the food choices are humungous. From the butter loaded aalu ka paratha to the spicy butter chicken and paneer tikka masala, from the ghar ka dal chawal to the idlis and dosas, from fried rice to the manchurians, and from the pizzas to the burgers & the pastas, we daily float among such huge sea of choices. But then such heavy food consumptions regularly leads to severe health issues, thus impacting not just our personal lives but professional too.

But due to the shrinking work-life balance, and adding to the woos are
the increasing traffic, we are barely left with enough time to cook something healthy. Hence India is currently witnessing an increasing trend of food ordering, especially in metro cities. But then those foods too do not guarantee healthy eating. Understanding the plight of the employees, many companies provide healthy food to their employees that are crafted by expert caterers who specialize in providing food items that are crafted by expert hands. Not just this, even the corporate events are witnessing a shift in their menu cards where healthy foods are replacing the unhealthy and/or spicy items.

Understanding the need of the hour, siliconIndia Magazine brings to you `10 Most Promising Corporate Catering Services Providers ­ 2020'. We devoted months to shortlist the names and then spoken to them at large on their offerings and how they are changing the current corporate catering from just tasty to tasty & healthy food. It was a great experience knowing their dedication and commitment to the cause without compromising on the taste, quality and variety. Having certifications from various departments and adhering to the cause, it is also interesting to know that the featured companies engage some of the most experienced chefs to craft their menu as well as prepare their cuisines. Read to know more about them.

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