The Most Underused Tool to Promote Your Business

The success and failure of organizations depend on how we present, market and advocate our offerings to our customers. To do so, organizations spend millions of dollars on advertising and other promotion activities, but they mostly miss out on one of the cheapest but most efficient ways of achieving the goals. It is the stickers and labels. If you consider them to be one, you are wrong. Their usage and value proposition they bring to the brand are different. Many companies perceive stickers cheap and in turn think it devalues their brand. However, if companies invest in quality stickers and labels, they can do much for their brand and marketing.

Stickers have versatile look, feel and shape and hence can be used with many marketing tools to promote a brand. However, it is all about getting creative with your stickers and labels to get what you need. So run away from those usual and boring stickers and labels that just provide blatant information without any look and feel. However, it is important to know how to use them as magic wands ­ at the right time, at the right place. To create that magical touch & feel, there are many traits to take care of, one of them being able to create something that will work with your brand, hence think of colors and font.

Despite being cheap, stickers and labels have long term value and induce people to take action. One can chose from industrial vinyl, polyster, polypropylene, recycled labels, satin labels, fluorescent paper labels to foil paper labels and more. Choices are many but it is important businesses select what is important and relevant to them. And to help them through this is our current edition of siliconindia Magazine's current edition of `10 Most Promising Stickers & Labels Manufacturers - 2021'. Our panel of experts comprising industry veterans, CEOs, CMOs and other leaders along with our Editorial Board have shortlisted and finalized the names. We detail their offerings and expertise in our issue. Read to know about them.

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