The Need Of The Hour

The earth has suffered enough and its time we stop trashing it further. While only a few of us have started using biodegradable products to let the earth breathe freely, the size of those still not willing to shift to biodegradable products is much larger. There needs to be a push from the government and companies to educate and provide such products in a considerable price to aware while also encourage them to use such products.

However, the most commonly used products such as trash bags, bottles, cans, eat & throw cutleries, clothes, batteries, napkins & diapers, and many more can largely be converted into biodegradable ones sooner. While the convergence of plastic bottles is higher than any other product, the market of biodegradable plastics is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.1 percent by 2023 and reach a whopping $6.12 billion. This will largely be the resultant of the rising income of people in emerging economies, and high growth in the agriculture & horticulture, packaging & bags, and textile industries. Another major reason for this shift is the rising concern and shift in consumer preference towards eco-friendly products to ensure they cure the planet a little and make it better for their next generations.

Highlighting some such flourishing biodegradable products companies in our current edition of `10 Most Promising Biodegradable Products Manufacturing Companies ­ 2020'. Handpicked after months of scrutiny and due diligence by our Editorial Board and team of experts, we bring to you the story of some of those who are breaking the shackles and making their own way. Read to know more about them.

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