The Pillar to Success

EPC Contract has emerged as the construction contract of choice in project financing especially those that involve major international development projects. So what is favouring the growth of the EPC Contract industry is not just the turnkey delivery method, but also a simplistic view of EPC Contracts and project finance documentation. What makes it even more acceptable is the fact that one can easily transfer all the design, engineering and construction risk from the project company to the EPC Contractor.

In a layman's term, EPC contract is a form of building contract used for a large or otherwise complex project under which the builder will completed project on a turnkey basis. In fact there are three types of contract in the EPC industry ­ a guaranteed maximum price contract, a cost-plus contract and a unit price contract. EPC industry is also playing an eminent role in resolving many issues like a pro. Just like the connection problem between design and construction could be solved effectively, reducing the intermediate link between purchasing and construction. This will ease the owner's time to concentrate and pay attention to the important factors influencing the project.

There are more benefits than these. And hence we bring to you `10 Most Promising EPC Contract Service Providers ­ 2021' in our current edition of siliconindia Magazine. Our team of expert panel along with our Editorial Board and industry veterans, construction magnates and investors together have shortlisted and finalized the names. We bring to you their story of excellence and how they are ensuring their client achieves pinnacle through their offerings. Read to know more about them.

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