The Science Behind Telling Your Brand Story!

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorThe rules of content marketing are no more about reaching your target audience, but reaching them in a way that generates meaningful engagement. This comes after the dawn of video based marketing strategy became a common term. Video has now become not only a major player, but even the default strategy of content marketing. Stock media is a safe haven for video marketers, who are restricted by budgets and time constraints. Besides, stock footage has great privileges in the fact that it’s not only used by video marketers, but it also helps supplement creative and social projects watched by their exact audiences in target. We know about social influencers and their contribution via video content. With the line between influencers, content
creators, and video marketing slowly diminishing, stock media providers are in for a sharp spike in their demand.

To understand the dynamics of what video content consumers want and how video creatives are meeting that demand, one can track search terms and visual trends in stock media, especially stock footage.

Now for brand marketing, every business owner would say that he or she wants to tell their story. It’s nearly impossible to create a personal, entertaining, and engaging video without telling a story. A good chunk of the YouTube video searches these days cover two main categories: entertainment and education. People seek out videos that will either tell them a story, or tell them how to do something. Does it still surprise you how the marketing sector caught on?

Stock footage has not only changed significantly over the years, moving away from the staged to the naturalistic, but the way people are using stock media has changed, as well. Demand for videos related to search terms like ‘cinematic,’ ‘transition,’ and ‘background’ have increased as video creators seek out stock footage that’ll strengthen their own video stories. By turning to stock video, content marketers and creators can find shots that take time and money to create, quickly, easily, cheaply, and sometimes even for free! This edition is somewhat unique. We’re throwing the spotlight on few exceptional video production companies in India that have garnered the video marketing culture in India. Read through and
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