To Play is to Grow

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorThere are industries like Banking, eCommerce, Retail, Automotive, and Manufacturing etc. However, very less often, one would come across or read an article an industry about an industry that researches, designs and builds playground equipments for children. With changing lifestyle and parents realizing the need for their child to play outside, the demand for a play area in every home is growing by the numbers. Besides, looking at this, educational institutions and play schools too have made it a point to have the best in class infrastructure for children. This obviously includes the rides.

Research and development activities are budding up psychoanalytic
thought about the potential role of outdoor activities in children's overall development. The growing number of preschools and numerous benefits associated with outdoor games and sports is boosting the development of children playground equipment market. Unsuitable equipment layout, incorrect installation poor maintenance and inspection techniques, and violation of safety regulations are largely hampering the children playground equipment market expansion. Environmental Health Professionals are enforcing safety assessment involving inspection and staff training to ensure compliance with the law. Based on product type, the children playground equipment market has been segmented into monkey bars, swings and slides, sandbox, balance equipment, motion and spinning, climbing equipment, and others. It can be widely used in many industries. Survey results showed that 24.94 percent of the playground equipment market is Swings and Slides in 2016.

In this edition, we are bringing forward those playground equipment manufacturing companies who have taken care of our kids' safety and entertainment all at once. These manufacturers are taking things to a notch higher by entering partnerships with foreign parts providers. There are more such strides that these vendors are taking. This list of 10 Most Promising Playground Equipment Manufacturers have proven their place in this list.
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