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As described in a layman's term, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a comprehensive way to find, size and locate surface and subsurface flaws and defects that could have an adverse impact on safety, reliability and the environment. As a quality assurance management tool, NDT is a crucial component for companies in the field of pipelines, bridges, refineries, oil platforms, power stations and more. This could be understood looking at the recent incidents of bridge collapses, pipeline breakages and others that many-a-times claim several lives.

Hence there is a growing demand of NDT services globally. The NDT market globally that stood at $14.8 billion in 2019 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5 percent. The increasing awareness amongst the manufacturers regarding the use of NDT is expected to improve the penetration of NDT techniques is playing a major role in its growing market share. On the other hand, due to the growing urbanization, smart city initiatives and more in the progress, countries like India and China are contributing larger share to this growth.

India's increasing spree on infrastructure development is playing a major role in prompting the executors to adopt NDT services faster than ever. In line with this, siliconindia brings to you `10 Most Promising NDT Service Providers - 2021', a list that comprises of some of the eminent names from the NDT industry. Our panel of experts comprising industry experts, veterans, CEOs, CIOs, and project managers along with our Editorial Board together have shortlisted and finalized the names. Read to know about their offerings, excellence and how they surpass others in the field with exceptional services.

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