Use Less, Save More!

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorIn today's tech-savvy world, imagining a life without Power can be a nightmare. With humans relying on different energy sources to generate electricity for our homes, schools, businesses and factories, undoubtedly, Energy is very important in today's world. From using power to start our TVs, computers, air conditioners, cell phones and washing machines to using energy to run cars, planes, trains, buses and motorcycles, the use of energy has come a long way since it was discovered. However, over the years, power management has evolved as the need of the hour.

At your home, your electricity bill is typically just a small fraction of the
monthly expenses that you bear for power consumption. The rising cost of power has eventually made conserving energy and the need to cut down the cost of electricity more and more common every day. The process of planning energy-saving measures, monitoring energy utilization, controlling and conserving energy in a building can help not just at personal level but also address global concerns. The notion of saving power is important and crucial because the world is in a current state of crisis with regard to this aspect. It's essential that people start giving some serious care about the matter to overcome this aggravation. In today's time of global market uncertainty one thing we do know is that the world needs energy to build a better quality of life, especially in developing countries. Conserving energy around the globe comes with a responsibility and commitment to developing and using our resources responsibly. Owing to this, numerous firms are coming up with Power Management solutions, thus making positive economic contributions.

In this edition of siliconindia magazine we have curated a list of `10 Most Promising Power Management Solution Providers - 2019'. A carefully crafted list is a reflection of the firms that are making a difference by offering their top-notch services in the domain of Power Management. I hope the list helps you find the right partner and we achieve our mission.

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