What keeps the World Running?

Historically, Moore's law explained that computing power would continue to double every two years. As you can very well see, the rate of innovation we are witnessing has sustained the prediction. Some attribute the technology advancements to the cooperative nature of the semiconductor community between industry, academia, research consortia, regulators and government laboratories.

Semiconductor innovation is an important precursor to broader technological innovation, which tends to occur in waves.

Of late, there has been a renewed focus on semiconductor R&D that gives just the right amount of push to the economy at large. Ever since 2013, the opinion that every company is now a tech company has been an ad infinitum. Never the less,this is becoming an accurate statement; look at how digital transformation is taking over. In nearly every industry, the giants have suddenly found themselves competing with tech-driven disruptors. It fuels sector-wide arms races, and semiconductors are today's big winners.

While more companies rely on technology to enhance the production and delivery of goods and services, the importance of semiconductor innovation continues to grow. Should innovation come to a halt, the global economy would inevitably falter. Thankfully, chipmakers aren’t slowing down. The chips semiconductor companies are producing today and the software capabilities they have already developed will usher in a new era of tech-driven economic growth. Semiconductors are the unsung heroes of technology, providing high-speed processing power for computers, flatscreen displays, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

Global tech companies or emerging new innovative firms, each one of them continue to look up to chipmakers to provide more comprehensive ,integrated offerings, the industry’s biggest players will continue to complement existing capabilities. We bring you yet another 2021 edition featuring the dedicated chipmakers and design service providers that have helped the tech giants remain a giant and at the same time, listed the rising firms to fame.
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