What To Eat Next?

Anything we think is safe to eat might contain the most hazardous chemical. Yes! Fruits & vegetables, meats & fishes, poultry & dairy, grown using synthetic fertilizers, stored applying harmful colors and preservatives are some of the main reasons for detrimental health. Experts say that human brains function at the prime level when it is nourished with nutritious food in a balanced diet. Foods rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals are responsible for a healthy brain.

Synthetic fertilizers applied in farming contain nitrites, which react with hemoglobin in the blood resulting in methemoglobinemia. This damages the vascular and respiratory systems when the level is 80 percent or more. Body glucose level fluctuations are also caused by under-quality food, resulting in inflammation and oxidative stress. Chances of getting cancer, which is still a deadly disease even today, rises with eating food layered with preservatives.

It is difficult to find garden-grown raw materials for cooking or foods which have no added preservatives to them. However, fast-growing digitalization has empowered farmers to reach out to the urban market and educate the society on organic farming and educate about the unknowing. In most of the cities and towns in India, organic farming practitioners are distributing their products to customers all around. In this edition, we bring the 10 Most Promising Organic Food Companies ­ 2020. We also feature Back 2 Basics Farm as the cover story. This issue is curated keeping in mind the safe health practices for the readers.

During the COVID-19 days, it is pivotal to eat what's right. Rather than thinking about how health got affected in the previous days, it is high time to start cooking with organically grown materials. In addition to regular workouts, this is a great addition to the routine of staying healthy.

Do let us know your measures for staying healthy!