Imperative to Reduce Errors in the Long Run

Although we've heard about `calibrate' only a couple hundred years ago, the concept of calibration is actually far older. Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had their own systems of calibration that they used in construction. Today, calibration is often used in research labs to ensure accurate data. The modern society requires that the devices we use to measure the physical quantities around us are accurate. From the weather to the medical field, from the automotive industry to agriculture, obtaining accurate measurements is essential to making decisions and performing tasks. Calibration services are of utmost importance for testing and measuring devices. Such devices need to operate with accuracy and precision.

Calibration services are used to record and rectify deviations in the performance of testing and measuring devices from their standard performance. The calibration services market is expected to witness moderate growth over the coming years. Driven by a need for precise and accurate information the calibration services industry has been expanding to encompass industries such as aerospace & defense, semiconductors, power generation, petrochemicals, water, electronics manufacturing, communication, and industrial & automotive. The calibration services market is fragmented and competitive with a large number of players. Key players in this market are General Electric (U.S.), Siemens AG (Germany), Danaher Corporation (U.S.), and Endress+Hauser (Switzerland).

This edition is dedicated to some key Indian players who have made a remarkable difference in the Calibration service offerings. The list gives a strong proposition of addressing a wide array of industry segments and their calibration needs for exceptional and near perfect and finished products out of your manufacturing houses.

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