• AmpleLogic: Proffering Ample Benefits & Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost
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    AmpleLogic: Proffering Ample Benefits & Maximum Quality at Minimal Cost

    As digitalization has become inevitable, to fulfil their unique automaton requirements, businesses are either developing their softwares the traditional way or opt for ready-to-use softwares, which are touted to be cheap, but succumbs hefty monies for modification. On the other hand, besides consuming a dismal amount of money, the trample of traditional software development method treads down numerous potentially genius ideas, due to the long chain of command (that involves multiple stakeholders akin to project manager and architect) between the business analyst and developers during the 2-6 months deployment time.Considering the amount of time and cost it would require to change a single idea, it is safe to say that the codes are set in stone once it leaves the hand of business...


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