• MAGSOL: Reinventing Car Care Products Industry with Innovative Product Solutions
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    MAGSOL: Reinventing Car Care Products Industry with Innovative Product Solutions

    It’s no sub rosa that the car care market in India has always been under the shades of foreign ‘products’ with Indian companies endeavoring to produce clones, while our country needs ‘solutions’ that address the nuances of India-centric predicaments of OEMs, aftermarket, and end-customers. With challenges ranging right from the decades-behind road infrastructure and uncompromised maintenance & refinish needs, close to 2,50,000 cars registered monthly in our country make it a real game for these stakeholders. To make the things worse, the existing maintenance-products (mostly chemicals) are often toxic in nature and they come in bulk packaging, wherein the accountability (per end-user) and specific use of the material are affected. For more than a decade, Yogesh Badgujar, a...


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