Blue Planet Environmental Solutions: Laying The Groundwork For A Sustainable Waste Management & Up-Cycling Enterprise In Asia

Prashant Singh,Co-Founder & CEO

Prashant Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

A globally renowned name, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions is a technology driven and IP-based end-to-end solutions provider for waste upcycling. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has created a platform that brings together best-in-class waste management and upcycling technologies from across the globe to create an integrated waste management offering. The company carefully curates innovative solutions that add to the firm's portfolio of solutions and enhances them to improve the performance and outputs of traditional waste management technologies.

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions envisions moving away from traditional waste management solutions and is recognized as an industry leader in safe, sustainable, and socially inclusive ways to handle waste. By using an end-to-end model, the company secures exclusive access to waste streams from the point of generation thereby gaining the ability to manage, process, and upcycle waste in an efficient manner.

The solutions that Blue Planet Environmental Solutions builds are scalable and can be dynamically adapted to address the needs of waste management and up cycling for a wide variety of customers ­ industrial facilities, urban areas, rural communities, etc. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has a steadfast commitment to being a socially inclusive market player. Most important to note; Blue Planet's activities are focused on adding value to the triple bottom line of `People, Planet and Prosperity.' Blue Planet Environmental Solutions believes that there is an opportunity to make a difference in this space. We know that by inventing circular supply chains and solving the environmental impacts of products before they happen will save our planet.

Overall, Blue Planet's offerings span the spectrum of mixed municipal waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, plastic waste, electronic waste, inert waste, organic waste, and landfill biomining. Blue Planet's strength lies within the truly integrated waste management offerings. Furthermore, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions leverages carefully selected technologies to upcycle the different waste fractions into commercially valuable products while ensuring positive social and environmental impact. The technologies held within the Blue Planet Environmental Solutions portfolio are extremely scalable and dynamic in nature.

The firm offers either standalone or integrated solutions depending on the requirements of its customers. Blue Planet's technologies include waste to energy, waste to reusable materials, precious metal recovery from electronic scrap, inert waste up cycling, and biomining solutions. To ensure quality servicing, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has extremely transparent and regular reporting mechanisms in place. These round-the-clock monitoring and reporting mechanisms allow stakeholders across the value chain to track the progress and efficiency of the solutions being deployed.

Masterminds of a Circular Economy
Currently, customer's primary demand is efficient management of multiple streams of waste. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions goes a step further and offers its customers a means to upcycle their waste to useful resources.

The material variety of the waste generated today is vast. Keeping this in mind, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has adopted technologies that deal with multiple waste streams such as plastic, organic, inert, and electronic wastes. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions brings together game-changing technologies from across the globe and adapts them to suit the requirements of the clients locally. This allows the organization to capitalize on innovation and address waste management issues in a diverse spectrum of geographies.

For instance, the current market solutions for the management of municipal waste are dominated by technologies that burn waste or dump it. Both these types of solutions completely overlook the opportunity to utilize waste as a resource to achieve the vision of a circular economy.

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions remedies this systemic inefficiency by providing solutions that bring together different technologies with the aim of maximizing resource recovery. Through this, the vision of zero waste to landfill is achieved, which means that all the `discarded resources' can be recovered and reused.

In another instance, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions converts plastic waste into Polyfuel by reversing the process of polymerization and creating a valuable fuel source. Another technology that the firm deploys includes converting inert waste from construction and demolition sites into concrete blocks which can be used in the
construction of barriers, sea walls, industrial loading bays and other useful products.

On a much larger scale, a Municipal client might require an unsanitary landfill to be completely cleared. In this situation, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions deploys a team of professionals to systematically segregate, reprocess, re-cycle, and sustainably dispose of all the waste contained within the dumping site and then, delivering the dump as a pleasant greenfield site, back to the municipality.

Elaborating on the Blue Planet's USP, the Co-founder & CEO, Prashant Singh says, "Our integrated, end-to-end waste management solutions offer transparency and efficiency that are unmatched in many areas. From collection to segregation, to processing and finally upcycling; Blue Planet Environmental Solutions offers solutions that address requirements throughout the waste management process and value chain. Combining the unique set of technologies that help upcycle and recycle waste into high-quality energy or material outputs, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has been able to create a complete solution".

Demonstrates Biomining capabilities
Our partner company, Zigma Global Environ Solutions, recently concluded a bioming project in the city of Vadodra, Gujarat. The project undertaken by Zigma was a result of the National Green Tribunal's direction to reclaim a dumpsite in the vicinity of the city.

The dumpsite spread across 14 acres and contained 300 thousand MT of mixed municipal waste was a significant cause of concern for the local communities' due to pestilence, frequent fires and leaking leachate from the mismanaged dumpsite. Furthermore, the open dump was located close to the Vishwamitri River which is home to the mugger or marsh crocodiles (crocodylus palustris), a threatened reptile specie, legally protected under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Zigma was assigned the project by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation for the integrated landfill mining in July 2018. Using state-of-the-art technology, including an online monitoring system with real-time data processing, the organization completed the restoration of the dumpsite through recovery of the legacy waste. The project was completed in December 2019 and since then the cleared and restored land is proposed to be used for a Vishwamitri Riverfront Development Project by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

Leaving a Global Impact
One of Singapore's leading Waste Management companies and Blue Planet's subsidiary, Wah Hua, recently tied up with Alba in Singapore to launch the Singapore Trash Evolution Program called STEP UP. The program aimed at involving the people of Singapore to help the country meet its environmental challenges and grow sustainably.

We firmly operate from a paradigm of resource management and upcycling, not just waste disposal

As part of this program, Wah Hua leveraged innovative technology such as waste collection trucks with many green features and digital add ons, a 360 angle camera, etc. People were encouraged to take a picture and tag them on Instagram. Logistics were improved by using IoT and dynamic route planning to increase efficiency in waste collection routes. Awareness campaigns and community programs highlighting the importance of proper waste disposal were also launched to educate the public about these issues. Furthermore, to add an incentive for people to adopt eco-friendly recycling practices, the CO2 points system was launched. Through this initiative, users were provided with rewards for recycling their waste.

“Blue planet environmental solutions converts plastic waste into polyfuel by reversing the process of polymerization and creating a valuable fuel source”

Recognitions and Accolades
For its endeavors and approach, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has received a plethora of awards & accolades. The firm received the Platinum Award for the Best Environmental Excellence (companies with a market capitalization of less than USD 1 Billion) category at the at 2020 The Global CSR Awards and The Good Governance Awards. Also, Blue Planet's decentralized organic waste management solution, YASASU Green was awarded the "Best Micro digester" on 3rd July as part of UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2019 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions has received significant investments from NEEV Fund, OSK Ventures, Nomura, and Sysma Holdings. The company's approach to waste management provides its stakeholders with the opportunity to invest in the creation of value for both people and the planet.

Plugging the Future with More Innovations & Opportunities
Blue Planet Environmental Solutions is constantly innovating and evolving its offerings to ensure that it stays abreast with not just current, but also future trends in the waste management sector. This positions the company at a vantage point to meet emerging customer requirements in the market with agility. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions is currently exploring ways to increase the efficiency of existing technologies even further. "We are focusing on creating ecosystems that address the need to manage emerging waste streams such as e-waste. Looking at the global push towards sustainable transportation, we foresee a big challenge coming our way for processing of Li-Ion battery and we are evaluating some technologies globally for a better solution", adds Prashant.

With its unique portfolio of solutions, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions will continue its search for innovative technologies that will be instrumental in creating the most efficient integrated waste management ecosystem, thereby cementing its positions as one of the fastest growing WM companies in Asia.

With the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals serving as a guiding light, every project that Blue Planet Environmental Solutions undertakes has a positive environmental and social impact on not only individuals, but also on communities across Asia. Blue Planet's activities currently positively contribute to 9 out of the 17 UN's Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) and as the company continues to grow, the contribution will keep expanding.