Tipp Oil Manufacturers: Making History Through Rebottle Deposit System

Sebastian Maier,FounderThe oil and lubricant industry has seen significant rise in margins with road transport, transport equipment, and FMCG sectors offering the fastest growing value pools. Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd.Co. KG is a German manufacturer for high-quality and innovative lubricants as well as with the world's first deposit system in the entire oil industry which made history. The company has a wide range of mineral and synthetic oils to offer. Whether in the field of cars, trucks, construction machines or industrial machines, there is a wide platter that the customers can explore with their needs accordingly.

Tipp Oil offers powerful and innovative lubricants for various applications. The products follow manufacturing norms by adopting strict quality control measures. All Tipp Oil, all products meet National and International Standards and are carefully monitored during design, production, filling and marketing processes.

The company's motto is the customer is the king. It believes in customer retention by providing them with satisfactory services. The customers come to the company with different underlying issues and each of them are provided with unique individual solutions, pertaining to their problems.

The pricing strategy for the products are kept fairly competitive and low. The high quality
products are kept at fair retail prices and include free advertising material in large quantities. The company takes over the entire delivery free of cost for container and truck loads. It produces everything from motor oils, gear oils, industrial oils to stroke to rim cleaners. It also offers special offers once a month for its exclusive distributors.

Environmental Friendly Innovation That Gained International Acclamations
The company works in an environmental friendly way. It has adopted a Rebottle Deposit System, where it takes empty plastic bottles from a capacity of one liter to 20 liters back into the circulatory system. The bottles are then professionally cleaned and freed from oil residues, so that the plastic containers can be used for up to two years and more, depending upon the condition. The only part replaced is the lid of the container. This is a cost-effective, innovative, and environmentally friendly method adopted by the company.

All Tipp Oil, all products meet national and international standards and are carefully monitored during design, production, filling and marketing processes

The deposit system was checked by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics through an audit report and rated good. It was proven by the return transport that the company emits less CO2 through this innovative solution. The Rebottle Deposit System was recognized internationally and the company received many international acclamations for the same. A return rate of 60 percent in the pandemic of empty containers, accounting to 80,000 plastic containers is remarkable. The same procedure is also carried out in Africa, Europe and Asia.

The Future Roadmap Is To Shorten The Supply Chains
The company has managed to gain trust in the market space due to various recognitions and references such as the award by the European Union for all of Europe and Germany 2020. These recognitions from various institutions and television reports, as well as professional customer services resulted in sales increase and customer loyalty was boosted up to 60 percent more through Rebottle System.

The future roadmap for Tipp Oil as a manufacturer would be to shorten the supply chains by building cleaning systems in several countries where they do not use chemicals to clean the oil bottles. The company would also seek outother trading partners in India.