• Pioneer Wincon: Exercising Prudence for Wind Energy
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    Pioneer Wincon: Exercising Prudence for Wind Energy

    The government's ambitious initiatives to utilize renewable resources have gained attention of both foreign and domestic investors to ensure energy security and a sustainable development. Wind and solar technology has matured over the years to be cost effective and are now poised to play a dominant role in the nation’s energy mix.


The 175 GW of Renewable Power Dream

Chitra Mishra, Special Editor

Critical Role That Technology Can Play To Make Water And Energy Usage Efficient

Saravanan Panneer Selvam, General Manager, Grundfos India

India's Renewable Energy Picture

Rajnikant Jain, CEO, Himatsinghka

The Renewable Energy Industry

Harshad Lahoti, Founding Partner & CEO, Ah! Ventures

Solar Energy: Save The Planet Earth

Anoop Kumar Garg, Deputy General Manager- Corporate Legal, Aircel

Green Energy Startups: Translating India's Goals Of Energy Efficiency

Venkatesh Dwivedi, Director(Projects), Energy Efficiency Services Limited

Digitization Of Energy For Green World

Anil Chaudhry, MD & Zone President, Schneider Electric

Sustainable Development - The Way For Future

Shabbhir Kanchwala, Senior VP, K Raheja Corp