• Oceans Secret: Canning the Secrets of Ocean
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    Oceans Secret: Canning the Secrets of Ocean

    It’s official now, you can eat more fish! The U.S health department’s recent dietary guidelines advise adding more seafood (not the aquaculture or pisciculture fishes) to human diet to the tune of at least a couple of meals a week. It’s even better news for foodies that the fish can be served in any of their favorite ways - in a bowl, a roll or a steak. But the easiest way however is to simply open a can. Amidst all the scrumptious seafood canning, Canned Tuna wins the prize for its convenience, especially among Indian fish-lovers. It’s cost-effective, low in fat, packed with protein and portable. Indeed, the market research firm Mintel divulges that India is now the world’s fastest-growing market for packaged processed fish and seafood, outpacing Indonesia, Turkey, South...


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