• H&S Supply Chain Services: The One-Stop-Solution for a Seamless Tech-Pro Supply Chain Experience
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    H&S Supply Chain Services: The One-Stop-Solution for a Seamless Tech-Pro Supply Chain Experience

    The liberalization of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) rules, GST and the government’s increased spending for growth has spurred India’s supply chain sector. This movement catapulted the country towards becoming a global manufacturing powerhouse, not to forget the government’s ingenious ‘Make in India’ initiative that compelled a nationwide supply chain system reformation. As promising as it sounds, concurrently, various infrastructural woes cripple the supply chain network swinging between 3 & 4 PL who struggle with faulty last mile connectivity framework, poor inter-organizational co ordination and incompetency on the part of dealers. Emerging against these impediments with a pioneering approach offering 3.5 PL services, Chennai based H&S Supply Chain Services was incepted in...


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