• EdCast: The 'Netflix' of Knowledge & Learning Content
  • EdCast: The 'Netflix' of Knowledge & Learning Content

    Blockbuster night was a weekend tradition for most of the families in the U.S once. It was a movie rental network that had nearly 10,000 stores across the country in 2004. It went bankrupt within the next six years. They faced digital, strategic and market disruptive forces, including from Netflix, and they did not respond aggressively or adroitly. This is not just the story of Blockbuster.Almost half of the Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 are no longer there, with this disappearance directly tied to the craters in discovery of knowledge and insights that cost significant damage in faster innovation and productivity of knowledge-oriented workers. On the flip side of the coin, once laughed out of Blockbuster’s headquarters during a partnership discussion, Netflix...


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