• Dev Raturi: On A Foodhardy Endeavour To Unite Cultures
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    Dev Raturi: On A Foodhardy Endeavour To Unite Cultures

    Over the years, Indian cuisine has been much discussed, written about, and criticised both domestically and abroad. Numerous reports, articles, and extracts dispersed over the internet's length and breadth tell us how frequently important figures have gotten together at food conferences (or other events) to talk about the socio-political ramifications and effects of the same. However much we might like to separate politics from food and brush it off as a matter of personal taste, we cannot possibly ignore the long lasting effects one seemingly insignificant change in eating habits or preferences might have. It has been nothing short of interesting to learn about how this road began 6000 years ago (as is recorded), when the Aryans crossed the borders of our nation and introduced a...


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