Claiming Benefits Under EPF? Know What Is Form 10C In UAN

I f you are a working professional, you must already have a PF account. After all, it is the much-required preparation for the retirement age.

Now you can use this same PF account when you switch jobs, or you can open a new one. However, if you happen to be unemployed for a long period, you can withdraw your PF funds. Not only this, but you can also seek the benefits of this scheme. If you are wondering how, you need to know what is form 10c in pf.

What Is Form 10c In PF?
If you want to enjoy the benefits of the Employee Pension Scheme, you need to understand what is form 10c in pf.

It is a 4-page document that you need to fill up to claim the scheme benefits. You can download this from the EPF India website.

Your PF account is a preparatory tool for your postretirement life

Form 10c: Eligibility Conditions
Once you know what is form 10C in pf, you must educate yourself about its eligible conditions. After all, you must ensure that you are eligible for all the claims that you want to avail

Criteria 1•If you are someone who has left a job before completing 10 years, then you are eligible to claim the benefits through Form 10C.
•If you reach the age of 58 before you complete 10 years of professional employment, then you are eligible.

Criteria 2
If you are someone who has completed 10 years of their employment but has not turned 50, then you are eligible for these scheme benefits.

If you are older than 50 years but are younger than 58 years as well as willing to receive pensions at a lowered rate, then you are eligible.

Criteria 3
If you are a family member of a EPFO member, who has passed away after turning 58 years and who had less than 10 years of professional service, you can claim the benefits with Form 10c. You can also do this if you are the nominee or the legal heir of this person.

Form 10c: What Can You Use IT For?
Once you know what is form 10c in pf, the next thing you should educate yourself about are the benefits you can claim.

1.If you are someone who belongs to the first category from the above section, then you can apply for withdrawal benefits. This is highly helpful if you are going through a long unemployment period with no steady income.

2.If you belong to the second category from the above section, you can apply only for Scheme Certificate only. If you are willing to receive a pension at a reduced rate, you can apply in Form 10D.

3.If you are someone who left service because of any permanent disablement, you can claim the disablement pension. For this, you can apply in Form 10D.

Form 10c: How Do You Fill IT?
Now that you are armed with the answer to what is form 10c in pf, the next thing to know is how to fill it. So, follow the steps listed below:

4.You need to go to the Employees’ Provident Fund website.

5.Once you are there, login into the UAN member portal. You will have to do it using your UAN and password.

6.After you have successfully logged in, select “Online Services”.

7.You will get a dropdown menu. From there, choose Form 10C.

8.After you are directed to another page, you will notice that your membership details, service as well as KYC details are all there.

9.Choose the “Proceed Online Claim” option.

10.You will be taken to the Claim section. On this page, you will notice details like PAN, phone number as well as UAN number

11.Here, you will be asked to choose your claim type between “Withdraw PF Only” or “Withdraw Pension Only”.

12.Complete the form and you will receive an OTP on your phone number. Once you enter this OTP in your form, your withdrawal process will begin.

13.You will get an SMS after the claim form has been successfully submitted.

Your PF account is a preparatory tool for your post-retirement life. It ensures that you have the ensure financial strength to live your life without having to depend on anyone. However, if you want to know how to withdraw pension contribution in pf, you need to know what is form 10c in pf.This Form 10C will make things much more convenient for you.