Okaya EV Unveils Ferrato for Premium 2W Products

Okaya EV, a prominent player in the electric two-wheeler manufacturing sector, has introduced 'Ferrato', a premium brand dedicated to its high-end electric two-wheeler products. This strategic move aims to redefine the landscape of electric two-wheelers by emphasizing not only exhilarating rides but also intelligence, strength, and power, as highlighted in the company's recent media release.

In the upcoming fiscal year 2024–2025, Ferrato plans to unveil a distinctive range of high-end electric two-wheelers, comprising three motorcycles and one scooter. The brand is strategically targeting tech-savvy and innovation-oriented customers who seek a superior riding experience.

To ensure an exclusive and unparalleled customer experience, Ferrato will establish dedicated customer experience centers operating separately within Okaya's extensive dealer network. This move is designed to offer customers access to an exclusive range of models and exceptional services.

Anshul Gupta, the Managing Director of Okaya EV, expressed excitement about Ferrato's establishment, emphasizing the brand's commitment to providing a premium experience to consumers. This development signifies a significant milestone for Okaya EV as the company expands its presence in the sustainable mobility landscape. Gupta outlined ambitious plans for Ferrato, aiming to establish over 100 partners to position it as the preferred choice for riders seeking the perfect fusion of passion and performance.

With a dedicated team overseeing sales, customer operations, and service centers, Ferrato is poised to make a mark in the electric two-wheeler market, promising a unique blend of performance, style, and intelligence for discerning riders.