One With Oracle - The Blooming Partner Community

Technology giant Oracle Corporation has witnessed strong growth in the cloud business in India which is driven by digital innovation in the fields of banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector, public sector initiatives, and small and medium business (SMBs). The public sector initiatives are showing excellence in the sectors of health, education, and in terms of creating the open network for digital commerce (ONDC), and SMBs. These sectors have witnessed very rapid growth. In the world, Oracle's cloud business has grown 22 percent in constant currency to $2.9 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter. It is comparable to the total quarterly revenue growth of 10 percent per year in constant currency to $11.8 billion. The total revenue in the fiscal year 2022 rose by seven percent in constant currency to $42.4 billion. Oracle revenue that ended in the quarter August 31st, 2022 was recorded at $11.445 billion, which is an increase year-over-year.

Oracle partner ecosystem is a prime suggestion for customers' success. The differentiated services combined with Oracle's technology help in enabling the customers to achieve very inclusive goals.The major partner initiative is aimed at building long-term partnership with Global Software Integrators and regional Software Integrators for driving strategic and innovative customer solutions that leverages the entire Oracle portfolio that is especially focused in cloud technology. The partner community started with technology expertize and opportunities. The expertise that helps the partners of the Oracle technology are Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The sectors getting benefitted from the services are banking, financial services and insurance(BFSI); manufacturing; professional services(Information Technology/ Information Technology Enabled Services).

The partnership with Oracle gives meaning to the clients' acceleration and enhancement of prowess and integration of Oracle for clients while helping them win faster as they transform their businesses

Technology Applications
Technology applications that are in alignment with client requisites include Financials, Revenue Management, Supply Chain, HCM, PLM, EPM, BI, and PAAS both in Oracle Cloud and On-Premise environments. According to experts, there are real-world supply chain implementations stories, Oracle Cloud Integration lessons, and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), where each session explains the planning, and complex scenarios that are involved in the creation of successful solutions. There is always a search for the opportunity to represent the cloud knowledge and skills that collaborate for conferences and the tools serve as great learn implementation clients learn a plethora of lessons that are required for survival within cloud implementation with integrations for leading the same to stable technology utilization.

The clients can utilize the Oracle Cloud with multiple integrations. As an integrated environment, it is required to monitor and support with diligence not just for Cloud applications. The extent ensures that data quality, integrity and completeness, which are huge challenges. For accurate reporting, it is highly dependent on the source data quality. Detailed inclusion has supporting challenges that are posed as a resource with multiple skills. The requisite is a process in place for changing and releasing management, it is always required to ensure an end-to-end approach. An expert, who is seven years experienced at Oracle, tells that with systems integrators, ISVs, expertly managed service providers, and other technology partners in the world, the responses are revolving around the four major areas that are included to customers, skills, trust, and profitability. Customers require a trusted pigment for both technical and business levels to digital transformation.

Oracle Partnership
The partnership with Oracle gives meaning to the clients' acceleration and enhancement of prowess and integration of Oracle for clients while helping them win faster as they transform their businesses. The Oracle Partners are blooming and are helping companies unlock the full value of technology to supercharge their achievements in the present and forthcoming days of businesses. More than the number of 500 are trusted partners of Oracle in India which include Cargo Exchange of Hyderabad. The company is dealing with ISVs that work on a pilot service for giving selected participants a chance in the import and export industry and granting a comprehensive electronic audit trail of trade documents. The pilot blocking platform that is being conducted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is helping to improve the security and transparency of import and export transactions in India, thereby simplifying and accelerating their execution and cost curbing.

On dependence on customers' digital transformation journeys, clients are working with partners on every technology requirement including architectural planning, system implementation, business process re-engineering, and strategic consulting. It is on the focus that every partner of Oracle is having a relationship that is helping customers in reshaping the business models to carve out a competitive advantage in their industries. It is a context of personalization medicine, smart cities, industrial IoT, digital banking, omnichannel retail, and industry mega-trends.

Client Solutions
With ISVs, systems integrators managed service providers, and value-added resellers are considering working with large cloud vendors, that are attributive to the technologies of cloud infrastructure, platform, and application services, including tailored applications and specific industries. In the world of multi-cloud technology, it is ever important to work with vendors that have cloud services integrating with those of competitive vendors. In consideration to cloud vendors that are servicing can allow the customers' location, in particular to the important regulated industries. Most companies and government institutions are struggling to find and retain skillful technical professionals because of both the Great Resignations and the entire tech labor shortage. It is ever important to partner with cloud vendors that are offering customers the latest technical training and certifications while helping them in closing the gap in skilling.

Asia Pacific is a large market that represents 40 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product(GDP) and as a result, most of the regions' companies and government institutions started on their digital transformation journeys later than their counterparts, which include North America and Europe. These countries have a tremendous opportunity to jump before the adopters, much like in the regions of mobile communications. The partners of Oracle and the company itself can make a difference.