Saraf Furniture - Rethinking User Experience and Creating New Range Of Affordable Furniture

SI TeamA brief About Mr. Raghunandan Saraf

A Thirty-two-year-old youngster was well au fait with the furniture business since his school
days. As a teenager, he looked up to his father and helped him as much as he could. That’s
where his tryst with business began. After completing his MBA in Delhi, Raghunandan moved
back to his hometown Sadarshahr, Rajasthan, his budding desire to revamp the traditional
furniture business led him to start Saraf Furniture. With growing players in the market, running the traditional business was not his cup of tea. He is a person who adopts changes and race with change to win the battle. Hence, being a tech enthusiast and change accepter, he was greatly fascinated by the online medium and decided to launch Saraf Furniture as his own
independent venture.

Overview about Saraf Furniture

Saraf furniture offer an assortment of home furnishing products made from solid Sheesham
wood like Sofa sets, Beds, Dining tables, bar furniture, various living room furniture like coffee table, console table, chairs, tv units, book shelves, doors, outdoor furniture and various other side accessories of your home décor. In short it is all in one solution for home furnishing.

First customer is always a memory to cherish forever. Luckily, by god's grace, we received our first customer through online order from our official website.

The road to product-market fit extremely depends on the kind of the product you are building for the market you are serving. Product-Market fit should happen on a repeated basis as at one stage people are willing to buy/purchase your product as it’s the unique and best and on the later stage the same may not happen as people may find the competitors product more appealing.
Hence, we study the Product-Market fit process on a repeated basis. At every stage, ongoing customer development, obsession and experimentation are critical.

Why we stand “Unique”

Saraf furniture stands ‘for the customer’ and ‘with the customer’ in every case. The USP is We maintain the exclusivity of selling solid Sheesham wood furniture. We sell the products directly to the customer from our manufacturing plant, as we are the makers as well as the online seller.

Uniqueness of our Startup

Pricing of the product usually depends on the product, its size, shape, finish and the amount
of material used. Pricing of the product also depends on factors like competitors price, uniqueness of the product and some internal metrics and measures. But, we can assure you
that our products are affordable with a price difference of 30-60% from online sellers and 60-
130% from offline sellers. The reason behind is, we are the manufacturer as well as the online

Picturization of Saraf furniture ( A picture larger than just a venture)

With an aim to provide affordable furniture after understanding the user behaviour

Any business or a start up leads to success only on the basis of strategic foundations. It is The purpose, The Mission ,and The Vision. The Purpose is “WHY ?”, The Mission is “What?” and The Vision is “Where?” . The entrepreneur who has a vision for something and a desire to create it can touch success fruitfully. Keeping these strategic foundations clear all the time is must.

We aspire to be a trusted household name for solid Sheesham wood furniture. The genuineness
and authentic products are leading saraf furniture towards its vision. Soon, Saraf furniture will touch the clouds of bigger success.

Our future plans

Insaraf Furniture has established offices Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Surat. When coming to online stores/sites we have marked our presence in our official website and same at other marketing channels. An online venture Saraf Furniture is also available as an app in the iOS version and the Android version is currently in the works.

Message to the fellow entrepreneurs

As Henry Ford famously said “ whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right” Always believe in yourself. Believe that you can succeed and you will find ways and mend ways through different stumbling blocks and lead to success.

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