The Importance Of Brain Training Apps For Entrepreneurs

The brain is the heart of entrepreneurship. We all can agree about that. Business strategies, plans, meetings, risks, and trips require a lot of thinking and creating. For all this, big mental energy is needed, and excellent brain vitality. And, above all of that, there is high voltage stress as a by product of a 24/7 very active brain.

Brain magic
Science fact is that the brain needs rest just as much as the body. And even though it’s capable of multitasking, it doesn’t mean it’s tireless and that it’s always on the top level.

No matter how smart, resourceful and insightful you are as an entrepreneur - if you do not feed your brain as the rest of your body and do not treat yourself carefully you will quickly begin to feel the consequences of such an attitude towards yourself.

Entrepreneurship is an area full of risks. The brain must be constantly tense and functional, which is good if a person knows how to rest properly and with quality

For the brain tissue to regenerate, relax and rest deeply, and at the same time affect the rest of the body the focus is needed. Not the business one, but a focus that will completely direct the entrepreneurial attention in the opposite direction from the usual one. It is a kind of meditation, which does not always have to be “The meditation”.

By diverting attention from things that annoy you, that haunt you, whether business or private you are best rested. For entrepreneurs and all the hustle, bustle, and stress they deal with daily - one way to always keep their attention and mental activity at the top level is to use a brain training app.

What are brain training apps?
Simply put, these are online game apps. And although the concept of the online game today is often characterized by psychologists and other experts as an activity that does not contribute to either mental or physical health - the personal experiences of users refute this.

Not all games are the same, some are banal, and we also have games, i.e. applications that are a fusion of fun and mental tests and tasks.

Brain training apps are, despite many challenges, increasingly popular. Such applications use decades of knowledge in mathematics, physics, psychology combined with entertainment to help the brain to, so to speak, restart and rest from all the nervous stimuli from the environment and those that we impose on ourselves.

Thus, experts from various fields dealing with human physical and mental health participated in the creation of such games. There are a lot of them on the market and just because the competition is high, brain training apps are getting better. Many of them are also subjected to scientific tests to prove their effectiveness.

They are adapted to different age groups, as well as the level of knowledge and intelligence. Some are specifically designed for people with some type of disorder or current problem, such as an app to control anger and aggressive behavior. With most, you can track your progress and compete with other online players.

What does science say?
We all know the saying No pain, no gain. It is similar to the brain, i.e. neurons. If we want our brain to adopt a new habit, such as perhaps quitting smoking, we must first make some mental effort.

Our brain is used to giving it a certain dose of nicotine and in the beginning, it will be very difficult to withstand abstinence. But, It is this abstinence that can be considered the process of creating a new habit, that is, we teach the brain that we do not need smoking and nicotine. We are creating new, small neurons and neural connections that are, as persistent as we can be the wider and more branched. The more such connections and the more mobile and active they are the better and faster the brain works. It is a pattern of the learning process.

The more fresh neural connections, the more stress resistant the brain is, the faster it finds a solution to certain situations and conflicts. All the unhealthy relationships we have with ourselves are recorded in the brain. Arteries become clogged, as well as pathways for the creation of new neurons. Therefore, they need to be purified with both a healthy diet and mental activity.

This particular activity must be repeated regularly for the brain to learn and eventually adopt new habits. Tests of brain apps show that when a person plays one of the specialized games, the blood flow is faster and certain areas of the brain become inflamed, ie. light up under a particular medical instrument. This further means that the exchange of quality and nutrients is ongoing and that pathways for new neurons are being created.

In addition to the obvious benefits for the brain of each individual, brain training apps are necessary for entrepreneurs, as well as for highly stressful professions, such as surgeons and doctors.

Darshan Somsashekar, experienced entrepreneur and owner of Spider Solitaire Challenge thinks the opposite. “And while many scientists disagree that these games really contribute to better brain activity - the truth is that they really distract the brain and let that glowing, always tense part of the brain rest.”

When the brain, ie. the mind rests and relaxes, it is easier for the whole body. We don’t spasm muscles and we don’t irritate the rest of the nervous system that is branched out all over our body.

The human brain functions on the principle of patterns. So some things that have, so to speak, an open flow of neurons have become our habits - so we almost do not notice it.

Entrepreneurship is an area full of risks. The brain must be constantly tense and functional, which is good if a person knows how to rest properly and with quality. Otherwise, major mental problems can occur. Brain training apps are very practical with entrepreneurs. They have them on the phone or the computer desk or can be used in the toilet, airport, etc.