Vitamap: The Best Option For Field-Ready Workforce

Guru Anand KC,CEO"Using mEdge successfully since 2012, we have seen significant improvement in how our field service teams function. mEdge provides right data, simplifies data collection, and efficiently links field force to the backend processes including stock management and customer billing activities," quotes a top Fortune 500 Company as a result of profitable and happy partnership with Vitamap Software Solutions. Drill further and you will find a loyal group of other customers praising Vitamap's solutions. When the company was taking guard in 2009, enterprises had just begun experimenting with BYOD policies for their mobile workforce. But, in a country like India where even 2G networks are not reliable, it was a far shot for most enterprises. It was then that Vitamap entered the market with mobility for field services.

While Vitamap explored the market for the right enterprise to partner with, a Fortune 500 company came on board for a pilot.The simple and well thought of features hit all the
right spots. But since smartphones were not the phenomenon that they are today, Vitamap had to take a step back and tailor mEdge - an Enterprise Mobility platform that connects Field & Office operations through easy-to-integrate open APIs. They tasted success when they transitioned the existing terminology and processes on to the fresh platform, moving the operations away from a rudimentary spread sheet-based process.

Vitamap's Cloudtrac is a web based cloud platform for coordinators that can either work as middle ware or be used for operations directly

mEdge comes with full offline support that facilitates co-ordinators and field workers to work in tandem and continue their jobs without interruptions. Real-time location, customizable workflows and easy integration are some of the top benefits that an organisation can rely on. Vitamap's Cloudtrac is a web based cloud platform for coordinators that can either work as middleware or be used for operations directly. Open APIs make it simpler for businesses to plug their existing CRM/ERP. The platform addresses field service use cases across the spectrum, whether it is a service workflow for large organisations, or sophisticated
lead management or a simple delivery update in e-Commerce.

This simple-to-use strategy earned Vitamap a seat in EMERGE 50 - The Top 50 Emerging Companies by NASSCOM in 2014, made it a finalist at IBM SmartCamp and also brought the honour of being featured in the Product Excellence Matrix for Enterprise Mobility.

The Success Mantra

"A dog lover meets an Android guru and a travel freak meets a sportsenthusiast every day to bring out the best ideas to build a product that is simple for the field workers,"says Guru Anand, Co-Founder & CEO, Vitamap.

The close knit group of versatile experts at Vitamap leverage cutting edge technologies, be it cloud infrastructure, using No SQL, latest platforms like Node.js, Machine learning and others. Besides cross-functional responsibilities, the company also encourages experiments with emerging technologies like Google Glass and active participation in technology events & hackathons to help them stay competitive and innovative.

The Race Continues

The company has an exciting roadmap in expanding their offerings within new verticals and geographies.Vitamap's products will see new value added offerings like workforce planner/optimizer, analytics and prediction to its core solution.