4Fruitz: Serves with Real Fruits and Authentic Flavour

The wide range of colourful, flavorful confections available in the market that serve as a treat for both tongue and eyes have been something of a rare constant in this dynamic universe. Be it candies, bite-sized chocolates, cookies, or sweets, not only children but also adults have never refrained from favoring them. Along with the growth of the confectionery market, the demand for premium quality confectionery is also growing. 4Fruitz, is a trusted confectionery brand known and loved for its varied range of candies and jellies. Headquartered in Mumbai, 4Fruitz has a variety of flavours in the different candies, jellies, puddings and toffees. The products are manufactured under ISO: 22000 certification, using the best quality ingredients available and natural flavours and juices. The candies do not have any artificial colours.

Today, consumers (mostly parents) are particularly interested in the quality of the confectionery/sweets that their child eats or distributes to other children at parties or functions. 4Fruitz components are manufactured with a mesmerizing taste and are processed in the most hygienic and strictly controlled quality checks and modern manufacturing techniques combined with authentic traditional recipes. The company has always been quite vigilant about its brand representing premium confectionery and quality across the markets Pan-India & international markets combating a great deal of international brands in these segments. It in fact has been a long journey for the Indian customers to see the difference between a low-priced commercial confectionery and a premium quality brand. 4Fruitz is also very precise about how the products are handled right from manufacturing to the distributor level. That is one of the reasons the company is particular to alongside the stores to which they supply the goods. When storage is not appropriate, it can influence taste and quality significantly without any indications. That is why 4fruitz products are sold in very select outlets.

Rich and Variant Products
"Lot of thought, attention and effort is put in creation of each variant with quality always being a priority.” says Shoeb Arif, Director, ESNEXT the parent company of 4Fruitz. It took a fair amount of time for the brand to compete with other brands, but today 4Fruitz products are available in major cities with new vendor ties happening. 4Fruitz's products are sold in more than 10,000 stores currently. All 4Fruitz products are 100 percent veg, not only in India but across the world.

Shoeb Arif,Director

Though the products like jellies and puddings are a little expensive to manufacture in a 100 percent veg. manner, but there is no compromise on the quality portion when it comes to 4Fruitz. Almond toffees, which are made using a traditional Middle Eastern recipe and were introduced to the Indian market just a few years ago, have become the company's best seller. 4Fruitz Jelly with nata in big cups has become a must in many homes, and these larger jellycups are a part and parcel of many families during festivities and also on daily basis. In many other markets, in addition to the Indian markets, the lychee jelly manufactured by the company is again leading in its category, especially during the summer.

4Fruitz is also very precise about how the products are handled right from manufacturing to the distributor level

The company is now early in the process of building up the UAE delivery network. With major retail chains expressing interest in 4Fruitz and encouraging premium products, the company looks forward to a promising future ahead. The brand is now in the process of introducing more exclusive varieties with a greater emphasis on natural and healthy products.