6S Marketers: A Pioneer Firm Ensuring Impeccable Next-Gen Digital Marketing Solutions

Kushagra,CEOA promising sector, the digital marketing do-main is envisaging the mushrooming of many dominant key players who are determined to introduce novel trends in the market to enhance their credibility. Conquering this challenging and viable sector to emerge as a leading name in the digital marketing industry, 6S Marketers stands way ahead of its competitors by bestowing impeccable next-gen marketing solutions.

Incepted in December 2017 with a mission to make technology accessible to one and all, with the best technology-driven tools and affordable services, 6SMarketers ensures a perfect amalgamation of technology, expertise, and experience to make the digital space most profitable and accessible for clients. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company is regarded as one of the most trusted brands across India in the digital marketing do-main by the virtue of its end-to-end digital marketing services to its clients by creating a long-lasting impact.

Seamlessly merging the digital marketing tools with business strategies, 6S Marketers bestows services relevant to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, and many more digital marketing services. "There are a lot of gaps
in the market when it comes to a good digital marketing company, as you will never find a data-driven agency which will be in an affordable price range. We make sure that any services we provide is driven by data and is cost friendly.

We have our own in-house AI-based tool which helps to analyse a lot of data for our clients and provide them with a proper set of inputs in terms of SEO,SEM or Content. A digital activity when backed with data gives optimal results for any forte of business or any segment be it education, e-commerce, healthcare or more. We provide client satisfaction at best as we not only give targeted ROI but also help in augmenting their business," says Kushagra, CEO, 6S Marketers.

Apart from SEO, the in-house tool possessed by 6S Marketers assists them in a lot of activities, functioning also as a easy to use audit tool when it comes to analysing a website and content marketing for clients. The tool is expected to be available around in the market for every-one to use by end of January 2021, the tool is not only good for SEO but for also content marketing which is a trend that is changing across the globe.

"When it comes to digital services there are too many factors to raise your quality. If your traffic is increasing, you are controlling the ROI and your pivot positions are improving then you are doing good. So, instead of manual efforts we emphasize largely on our in-house tools. Although we use al-most all standard tools like SEMrush, ahref, Screaming Frog etc. our dependability is more on our in-house tool," quotes Kushagra.

Growing exponentially since the inception, the foundation of 6S Marketers is backed by a team of proficient professionals who are equipped with industry-relevant expertise and are instrumental in driving the organization to the peak of success. The company hosts a long list of clients including many high-profile names such as Zolostays, BluSpider(Product by IIT Madras), NIMS University, eForm2290, LeapFinance, Wheelstreet, Pankhuri, SJCIT and many more.

The future roadmap looks a little broader, where we focus more on improving the efficiency of the tool. In India, we'll keep growing because we have a good network of creditors and our work is well received by our customers. We are at the nascent stage of exploring the US market. Our future goal is to spread our list across the US, Australia and Canada making as many as clients possible when it comes to digital services," concludes Kushagra.